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Words To Live By

Love yourself the most and treat yourself the best! That is in your best and highest interest; and in the best and highest of everyone else as well!

How Tinnitus Impacts Daily Life

Most people have experienced a few hours in which they heard a constant ringing or buzzing in their ears without any external source of noise, likely after a concert or some other loud event. Even if temporary, ringing in the ears can be distracting and make communicating difficult. For most people, the noises typically fade after a short period of time, but for some, the ringing never goes away.

This ringing is called tinnitus, a condition that affected an estimated 9.2 million adult Canadians (see hearing loss Canada) in the past year (Stats Canada). It can manifest as a ringing, clicking, buzzing, or a variety of other sounds. Like hearing loss, tinnitus ranges in severity and can be caused by many different things. Although there is no cure for chronic tinnitus, when symptoms persist for over three months, there are treatment options that can allow patients to live a normal life despite the condition.

When approaching treatment options for tinnitus (see free hearing test), it is important to understand what tinnitus is, and what causes it. Tinnitus is most commonly caused by age and long-term exposure to loud sounds, but there are some other causes as well. Ototoxic drugs, impacted ear wax, and problems in the middle ear are less common causes of tinnitus but can create the same effect. For cases such as impacted ear wax, the sounds being heard are the sounds that our bodies naturally produce. But for most types of tinnitus, the sounds are not influenced by any external input. In these cases, tinnitus is the brain’s attempt to make up for a lack of external stimuli caused by damaged hair cells in the cochlea, which is the part of the inner ear involved in hearing.

The impact of tinnitus pain differs from person to person and depends on the severity of the issue, and the type of treatment the person is using. Common negative impacts of tinnitus include anxiety, poor concentration and sleeping habits, stress, irritability and depression. Poor sleeping and challenges with concentration are the two most common side-effects of tinnitus and can both be dealt with in similar ways.

Because tinnitus is more noticeable when it’s quiet, falling asleep can become extremely difficult for people with tinnitus. Some people find that using a sound machine or white noise app helps drown out the tinnitus and makes falling asleep easier. There are also masking devices that can be worn, such as hearing aids, that help to cover the sound of tinnitus.

People with tinnitus may find it difficult to complete complex tasks or follow conversations as the constant noise can be incredibly distracting. For people who have trouble sleeping because of their tinnitus, concentration becomes even more difficult.

Although some people can live with only slight annoyances from their tinnitus, others find it much harder to ignore the constant ringing or other sounds. In these cases, a professional can help to determine the best treatment options for their patient’s unique condition.

What’s the Human Body-Field?

While traditional healthcare has primarily focused on physiology, we are now seeing that energy and information control biology. In fact, frontier science proves that there is a regulating field of energy and information that operates in the physical body at the subcellular level. At NES Health, they call this the Human Body-Field (HBF), and they have researched its functions and structures for more than 30 years. In that time, they have discovered that the root causes of physical problems are distortions and blockages in the body-field, which serves as a master control system for all physiological function.

Help for Smelly Feet

Do you have bromodosis? Smelly feet is a very common medical condition from buildup of sweat resulting in bacteria growth on the skin. Your feet have more sweat glands than any other part of your body with naturally occurring bacteria to help break down sweat. Bad odor forms when bacteria and sweat are allowed to build up. Some simple tips to prevent bromodosis include washing your feet at least once a day and alternating between two pairs of shoes. Choose well-fitting socks like Voxx socks made with antimicrobial fibers to wick away moisture to help keep your feet dry and sweet smelling all day.

AJ Pedal Wheelchair

Whether your mobility has been impacted by Parkinson’s, MS, a stroke, or knee or hip trouble, the AJ Pedal Wheelchair is designed to get you moving again. Like a bike, it’s powered by you – so you can reconnect with your body, rebuild muscle tone and improve your cardiovascular system. Designed to maneuver in tight spaces like narrow halls and doorways, the AJ rides easily into elevators, buildings and shopping centres. More robust than a wheelchair, the AJ allows you to pedal through parks, along sidewalks and even ride public transit. One-handed, dual hydraulic brakes allow you to stop quickly with just a gentle squeeze of the brake handle. The comfort-ride shock and pneumatic tires keep you comfortable and confidently in control. Each AJ is hand built in Victoria, BC, using the highest grade aluminum and other durable materials for a safe and sturdy ride.

Your Cool New Booze-Free Option

Taking a night off from drinking can now be a part of an exciting night out! Self-care can extend past sunset and socializing can boost your health and wellness game. When we consume beverages that are healthier for our body and mind, we feel more empowered and connected to our souls. We call this mindful consumption. Our Brü is soulfully curated for both flavour and functionality, creating a novel social experience. It’s time we remove outdated, stigmatized labels like alcoholic, recovery, disease and replace them with empowering words like alcohol-free, sober curious, and non-drinker, so people can feel proud about their accomplishment by choosing not to drink.

WorkBC Assistive Technology Services

“We’re dealing with an aging workforce that will have more people with chronic pain issues, more people with vision or hearing loss, and there are different supports available depending on the degree of challenges you are dealing with,” says Nate Toevs, Marketing Manager for the WorkBC Assistive Technology Services program. “We know we can bring a lot to the table that can make a huge impact for that individual, which in turn will impact the company that they work for.” The program provides funding for assistive technology, ergonomics, restorative supports including canes and crutches, hearing aids, vehicle modifications, and more. Contact us for more information at 1-844-453-5506 or

Early Signs of Dementia

Some forgetfulness is a normal part of growing older, but it’s important to be aware of memory changes as they can be a sign of a serious problem. Along with memory changes, sudden changes to your loved one’s personality, such as paranoia and aggression, are often early signs of Dementia. For some, another early sign of dementia is having changes in vision. Your loved one may have trouble reading or seeing the differences in color. Other changes may include problems with speech and writing, poor judgment, having trouble with finances, withdrawal from social activities, and carelessness. Early diagnosis can assist you in getting help for your loved one.

Consent and Full Self Expression

From childhood, we learn that our feelings don’t matter. Today, the world is mirroring this to us, in the issues that we are now facing in our communities. Our younger self learned that we don’t have a choice but to go along. Which means we learn to override our body sensations, our feelings, our needs, and our desires. As an adult you have the opportunity to unlearn this, and to give yourself full permission to feel the emotions that you haven’t allowed yourself to experience. To notice and identify that you have a choice about what is happening to you. To notice and ask for what you really want. To notice and say what you don’t want.

Vacation-care for your loved ones?

With reopening on the horizon, leave town with confidence knowing that your loved one will be well cared for. Trusted in-home support provides an excellent alternative to short and long-term care, enabling loved ones to remain in the comfort and safety of their own home. Professional care staff can provide skilled assistance of daily tasks ranging from medications and bathing, along with cooking and shopping up to 24-hour live-in care. With quality, sustainable support from a team of consistent caregivers, many seniors enjoy 3 to 5 additional years of independent living in their own homes. This summer, mention “WELLNESS NEWS” to receive 50% OFF an in-home care assessment to learn how our support team can help your loved one live their most vibrant life by aging-in place. Call Victoria Troughton at 250-382-2328 to book your assessment today.