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Can You Do a Pelvic Tilt?

When people try to do a pelvic tilt, they usually 1) try to suck their abs in like a posing bodybuilder, (2) push their back out like a Halloween cat silhouette, or (3) squeeze their bum forward like a scared dog. Do any of these moves sound athletic? The majority of people cannot perform or sustain a pelvic tilt properly. If you can’t tilt your pelvis, you can become constipated, lose range of hip and shoulder mobility, get bunions (they are not genetic!), lose bladder control, and no matter how many ab exercises you do, your belly will not get smaller. I can help.

Product Feature: The Abena Difference

Comfort | Dignity | Confidence | Freedom are all qualities of the Abena incontinence management products and are just the tip of the iceberg of what makes them unique. Abena’s product specialists work closely together with nurses to develop products with industry-leading absorbency and specialty features. It has a holistic approach to healthcare that personalizes products to suit your lifestyle. Incontinence care should never be ‘one size fits all’. Abena products are designed with a highly absorbent core, are fully breathable, are guaranteed skin-friendly and are certified eco-friendly. We are pleased to offer Abena incontinence management products.

Profile: MEND Mobile Health

Mend is defined as “the act of curing, repairing and reforming”. That is exactly what the health practitioners at MEND can do for you in the comfort of your own home. They are Kinesiologists, Acupuncturists, Athletic Therapists, Exercise Physiologists and Personal Trainers. “Making small changes in your routine can have huge impacts on whole-body health, the healing process and general well-being.” MEND practitioners can help you *Build strength to keep up with the grandkids, * Improve your balance and mobility, * Recover from surgery/injury and *So much more. Contact them today to find out how they can help you Mend.

Reiki Really Works

Reiki is an energy healing treatment that works holistically; on the whole body, mind and spirit. Natural healing vibrations are transmitted through the hands of a Reiki practitioner to the body of the recipient. Reiki treatment can relieve stress and pain, induce relaxation, release emotional blockages, accelerate natural healing, balance subtle energies, and support other medical modalities, including traditional therapies. Reputable medical facilities are now offering patients alternative healing programs such as Reiki, and are analyzing the benefits and submitting them for review and compilation. Look at your options on how you can learn Reiki to experience personal healing and also to help others.

Holistic Learning Support

Happy Student offers holistic learning support created by a certified and experienced Life Coach & Teacher with an extensive understanding of children’s psychology and mindfulness practices. We offer *Tutoring: Unique programs based on students’ passion and talents. *Summer Forest Camp: A safe place to socialize, practice French, connect to nature and play in a small group setting. *Homeschool Support: Together we create a program that is aligned with each student’s capacity. This results in peace of mind for students & parents ensuring you are on the right track and feeling organized. Please contact us to book a free consultation.

WorkBC Assistive Technology Services

“There are a million different ways that we can help somebody increase their capability at work,” says Nate Toevs, Marketing Manager for the WorkBC Assistive Technology Services program. Offered across BC, the program “helps people who have a barrier to their employment-related activities,” explains Nate. “The focus is on people with disabilities, but it’s also people who have an old injury or chronic pain, anything that prevents them from giving one hundred percent of themselves in the workplace.” The program provides funding for assistive technology, ergonomics, restorative supports including canes and crutches, hearing aids, vehicle modifications, and more.

Weather Protection

Here on the west coast, March comes in like a lion and brings showers along with it. After a long, dark winter, we want to get outside to enjoy more hours of daylight, so it is important to protect ourselves from the rain. If you ride a scooter, there are accessories available to keep the rain off both you and your ride. Many of these accessories attach to your scooter and include; *canopies, *umbrellas, *rain capes, and *covers. There are also accessories to keep you safe, such as flags and windshields. Please visit our showroom or website to see the full line of accessories.

Are You Moving Around Your Hip Socket?

The hip bones are amazing, living creatures. Are you aware that your hip socket knows when you get new glasses, have a tooth removed or don’t sense gravity well? When you exercise, you need to move around your hip socket and the rest of the body orientates itself around that placement. The more you resist and ‘push’ through exercises just to feel like you are doing something good for yourself, the more potential there is for irritation and wear and tear arthritis. There are a million ‘bad’ ways to move; I do all I can to coach you through optimal movement.

Relief for Sore and Tired Legs

Do you spend a lot of your day standing or walking? Being on your feet for long periods can cause sore feet, swelling of the legs, varicose veins, general muscular fatigue, and other health problems. VoxxLife socks with HPT technology provide enhanced pain relief and management, better stability and balance, improved mobility and more energy. The Athletic Knee highs with gentle compression reduce swelling, keep muscles warm, increase blood flow in the legs and are comfortable for all wearers. Wool work socks with HPT are ideal for working outdoors and for activities like walking and hiking.

How Hearing Aids Are Able To Help Manage Tinnitus

Hearing aids are able to help make tinnitus more manageable in a couple of ways. To find out if it can help you, it helps to know what tinnitus is, the specific way that you experience tinnitus and the techniques used by hearing aids to provide relief from tinnitus. Read on to find out more about how hearing aids are able to help manage tinnitus.

What is tinnitus?

Tinnitus is usually described as a ringing sound experienced in the ears, though the actual sound differs for different people, ranging from buzzing or whistling to clicking sounds. The noise does not go away entirely, though it does become more noticeable after hearing loud sounds. If the symptoms continue for over three months, it is known as chronic tinnitus.

Tinnitus is not a medical condition itself. Instead, it is a symptom of another condition, though the specific causes of tinnitus are not well-known. The leading causes of tinnitus are related to age and extended exposure to loud sounds. Hearing loss from damaged hair cells in the cochlea, which is involved in hearing as part of the inner ear, is a common cause of tinnitus.

Since hearing loss reduces the amount of external sounds that can reach your brain, it changes the way that your brain processes sound frequencies. As a result, to compensate for the insufficient external sounds, the brain overcompensates and interprets sounds internally.

The sounds from tinnitus can be annoying and can make communication difficult. If you believe that you have tinnitus, it would be best to visit a hearing health professional to have an evaluation and discuss possible

Can a hearing aid stop tinnitus?

Currently, tinnitus cannot be completely cured, but in many cases, hearing aids can make the symptoms of tinnitus less severe. Though hearing aids cannot stop tinnitus entirely, they can still help with daily functioning.

One way that hearing aids can help with tinnitus is that they can enhance external sounds so that the inner sounds from tinnitus are not as noticeable. As this would improve your ability to hear external sounds and distract you from the inner sounds, it makes communication possible.

Another way that hearing aids can provide tinnitus relief is tinnitus masking, which is the use of white noise to hide the sounds of tinnitus. As the tinnitus sound cannot be distinguished amongst the white noise, your brain is able to focus on external sounds.

An increasing number of hearing aids have tinnitus masking nowadays. Tinnitus masking is built in as a feature in some hearing aids or exists as a function that can be programmed in other hearing aids. A hearing care professional will be able to help program your hearing aid to best suit your individual needs.

How can I use hearing aids to effectively manage tinnitus?

To get the most benefit from using hearing aids for tinnitus relief, it’s best if you are able to wear the hearing aid as often as possible. If hearing aids are used often enough, it trains your brain to focus on the external sounds and treat tinnitus sounds as not important. This process is known as habituation.

By using your hearing aid often, it also helps you preserve your ability to perceive external sounds. Hearing external sounds provides stimulation to keep your auditory system active, which prevents atrophy in your auditory nerves. As a result, you will be better able to maintain your ability to process language.

Are hearing aids able to help everybody with tinnitus?

As tinnitus is a symptom resulting from a wide range of conditions, hearing aids are not able to provide relief in all cases. Hearing aids are most successful in tinnitus masking for those with hearing loss.

Even if you experience hearing loss, hearing aids are less effective for higher frequencies of tinnitus. If your tinnitus has more of a hissing or buzzing sound or has a pitch above 6 kHz, which can be determined by an audiologist, hearing aids are less likely to provide relief for your tinnitus.

Who is most likely to benefit from using a hearing aid for tinnitus?

Hearing aids are most helpful for younger individuals who experience tinnitus as a result of hearing loss. The use of hearing aids is also more effective for people who have not had tinnitus for a long time as their auditory system has not become accustomed to the reduced external stimulation.

Even if you do not fall into the groups of people who benefit the most from hearing aids for managing tinnitus, the use of hearing aids are still often worth a try. If you use the hearing aid consistently every day over a longer period of time, the relief from your tinnitus will be easier to detect.

To get the most impact from the use of hearing aids for tinnitus, visiting a hearing professional would help. Not only would they be able to determine the pitch or intensity of your tinnitus, but they could also help you select and program a hearing aid that best meets your needs.

For the expert services of an audiologist or hearing professional to determine if they can help you manage your tinnitus, the team at NexGen Hearing is here to support you.


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