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November Book Club

Complementary and Alternative Medicines in Prostate Cancer: A Comprehensive Approach. by K. B. Harikumar. This book is a summary of prostate cancer, covering its incidence, epidemiology, and current treatment options. It also serves as an up-to-date review of the status of currently available alternative and complementary medicines for treating prostate cancer, including various plant extracts, herbal formulations, natural products, yoga, acupuncture, Ayurveda, homeopathy, and Siddha medicines used in prostate cancer therapy.

3 Ways to Improve Mental Health

Seniors are at risk for developing anxiety and depression due to chronic disease, isolation, and loneliness. If you’re a senior, here are 3 proven ways to help improve your mental health: 1. Move your body and stay active. Exercise has been scientifically proven to boost your mood and relieve stress. Aim for 30 minutes of activity each day. 2. Make time for friendships. Research shows that seniors who have a close group of friends tend to live longer and happier than those who don’t. 3. Flex Your Mind. Routine brain exercises help you maintain healthy cognitive function, so grab a new book or challenge yourself to a puzzle.

Caring for Hearing Devices

Taking good care of your hearing aids can significantly prolong their life. *Make sure your hands are clean and dry before handling your hearing aids. *Clean them regularly using your hearing aid cleaning kit. *Remove hearing aids before showering, bathing, or swimming and store in a dry location away from condensation. *Remove them before applying perfume or hair spray. *Store them in their case or drying cup away from heat sources and direct sunlight. *If you won’t be using your hearing aids for an extended period, remove the batteries and store them separately. *Use a hearing aid expert if you need repairs.

Time for In-Home Care

Spending quality time with a senior loved one is a good opportunity to look for signs that they may need in-home help from you or a caregiver with things like cleaning and personal hygiene. Some things to look for include: 1) Housekeeping – old food in the refrigerator, no clean dishes, an unclean bathroom. 2) Dexterity and balance – being unable to grasp handrails, step over small obstacles, or keep their balance. 3) Hygiene – disheveled appearance, stained clothing. 4) Socializing – not being able to go out, few or no friends. 5) Memory – repeatedly forgetting the same things or asking the same questions.

Tech Buddies & Computer Lessons

The Computer Lessons & Tech Buddies program offers basic tech tutorials, which also includes lessons on IPads, tablets, computers, laptops, smart phones and overall features of social media. The volunteers are available to meet you at the local libraries or the closest Seniors Come Share location. Please call the program coordinator at 604-531-9400 ext. 220.

Join Today!

Seniors Come Share Society allows individuals to stay engaged in the community even if it’s from the comfort of their own home. We offer programs that stimulate individual’s cognition, provide emotional support, food security and have them engaged in physical activities. Our priority is the well-being of the seniors in our community; therefore, we take initiative in advocating for them and assisting them in navigating support. Visit or for a list of our programs and events.

Social Prescribing

Social Prescribing is a pathway from your doctor or nurse practitioner’s office to local, non-clinical services for people who could use a little help connecting to their community or learning how to take care of their health and wellbeing. Due to Covid-19 the social prescribing program has been creatively adapted in order to continue supporting community members to meet health goals, connect with community resources and maintain wellbeing. Please call the program coordinator at 604-531-9400 ext. 204 or ask your Physician or Nurse Practitioner for more information.

November Events

Free Legal Clinic- November 2 from (various times available). Caregiver Support Group- November 4 from 1:30pm-3:00pm. Caregiver Support Group- November 18 from 1:30pm-3:00pm. Free Legal Clinic- November 23 (various times available). Zoom Bingo- November 24 from 1:00pm-3:00pm. Zoom Trivia- November 25 from 1:00pm-3:00pm. For more information or to register please contact Simren at 604-531-9400 ext. 201

Telephone Tree

The Telephone Tree program offers support services to seniors over the phone. Our volunteers make weekly social calls offering clients a chance to be heard by providing emotional support, companionship and a sense of community. Volunteers can also provide you with information and referral services as well as keep you informed about the programs and events in the community. It’s a great way to stay connected with the community from your home. Call us today if you would like to receive weekly calls.

Senior Service Connector

Imagine how you would feel if you were on a tight budget, and you just found out that you can get a reduced rate for your MSP costs or you qualify for The Shelter Aid for Elderly Renters (SAFER) program that helps make rents affordable for BC seniors with low to moderate incomes.
This is the kind of information and referrals that can make a real difference in people’s lives, and it’s a free service Seniors Come Share Society offers at different sites and events in our community, where trained volunteers distribute valuable information and resource materials. Last year alone, they connected over 6,492 seniors in the Surrey and White Rock areas to information and resources.
The Senior Service Connector Program provides trained volunteers at locations throughout Surrey and White Rock where they connect seniors and their friends and families to information about programs and services available to them in our community. Please call Shannen at 604-531-9400 ext.