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Worried About Diabetes?

Q: I take daily medication for my diabetes. However, the medication does not decrease my blood sugar levels. Can acupuncture treat this? A: Yes, acupuncture can supplement diabetes medication. In Chinese medical views, diabetes is a result of a weakened digestive system. Upon proper diagnosis, practitioners can use acupuncture to balance out the meridians, and the blood sugar levels will naturally drop, sometimes from one treatment alone. Acupuncturists use thin, short needles of ~1.3 cm that are painless, yet effective. Regular follow-up appointments can result in a better maintained morning fasting blood glucose.

Camping with Pets

Getting in a last camping trip with your pet? Don’t forget how warm the interior of the vehicle can get on sunny days. It’s important to keep your pet’s temperature at a comfortable level. At the campground, control your pet so there are no dangers from dogfights or from wildlife attacks by keeping it leashed or tethered. Prevent getting into food temptations that may lead to burns from fires or spills with hot liquids. Also avoid feeding scraps to pets, which may upset their stomachs. Finally, make sure your pet is tick protected if travelling through the brush.

Gaining the Mental Edge

Athletes are always looking to get into “the zone” – a balance of attention, concentration, and confidence. Quick thinking is crucial to making decisions that can be the difference between winning and losing a game. Neurofeedback is a tool that allows for identifying the areas of an athlete’s brain that are responsible for mental flexibility, task switching, and rapid decision-making. This allows an athlete to control how their brain reacts to stress, which in turn can help achieve peak performance. Neurofeedback training can help an athlete increase their cognitive abilities, while reducing the white noise of distractions around them.

Using an SI Belt

A sacroiliac belt (SI belt) used during the training part of your physiotherapy program is often recommended for both pain relief and support of the sacroiliac joints and/or pubic symphysis. SI belts are used as an adjunct during core muscle training and act both to provide mechanical support and sensory input to remind the brain which muscle(s) need ‘waking up’. Your physiotherapist can perform a couple of simple tests to determine whether an SI belt is recommended for you. Diane Lee’s patented Pelvic Support belt will help support your pelvis specifically where it is needed the most during your training period.

Are IV Vitamins Right for You?

Q: What is IV Nutrient Therapy? A: Vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are directly infused into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system and allowing for maximum absorption. Q: Who can benefit from IV Nutrient Therapy? A: Almost everyone can benefit from faster, more effective nutrient absorption into the body with minimal, if any, gastrointestinal side effects. Intravenous therapies have been known to be beneficial for, but not limited to, chronic fatigue, anxiety, low immune system, infections, hormonal irregularities, pain management, inflammatory conditions, weight loss, pregnancy, autoimmune conditions, neurological conditions, migraines, detoxification, heavy metal toxicity, and athletic performance.

Has A Car Crash Wrecked YOU?

Being in a car accident (MVA) can be a severe and life-altering event. Although many people do make a full recovery shortly after their accident, others experience pain and psychological difficulties that endure longer. This may include: experiencing feelings of anxiety; feeling “on-edge” when driving; flashbacks and nightmares of the accident; or even an overall feeling of helplessness of ever feeling “normal” again. Counselling, specifically Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), has shown to be effective to help individuals overcome the trauma of an MVA.

Start the School Year Right

Parents can ensure a student is starting the school year off right by talking to their child before school begins about their expectations for the year. Encouraging students to visualize what success will look like once they are back in school can also help. Once the school year has started, taking the time to meet with the teacher shows your child that you have created a connection with their teacher, which can help anxious students feel safer. If students with learning difficulties begin to struggle, it can be worth looking into the root of the problem, as well as discussing options with their teacher.

Women in Control of Finances

Women face financial issues that men do not, such as the gender wage gap and gender tax (paying more for the same services). For that reason, being in control of one’s finances is especially important for women to secure their future. It is important to make sure your will is up to date, have your own bank account and credit history, know where your important documents are kept, have long-term savings as well as short-term emergency savings, and have appropriate insurance coverage. These proactive steps will help insure there is less to worry about when it comes to your finances.

Laser Acupuncture for Depression

Studies have shown that low levels of serotonin are often linked to depression in individuals, and that these lowered levels can be caused by factors such as genetics, as well as a person’s environment, which may include physical and emotional trauma. Laser acupuncture can stimulate the release and synthesis of serotonin, using cold non-invasive lasers, as well as the release of endorphins, both of which can improve emotional wellbeing. Laser therapy can be used as part of a treatment program for depression that may also include physician-prescribed medication and/or psychotherapy, to offer a comprehensive process for recovery.

Benefits of Aromatherapy Jewelry

Aromatherapy can be so effective at helping you feel better that people have come up with enormously creative ways to take advantage of its benefits. Aromatherapy diffuser bracelets and necklaces enable you to inhale the essential oil molecules on the go. This can help you be stimulated and energized, or focused and calm throughout the day. Add a drop of your favourite essential oil or blend to your bracelet or necklace before you leave home, and you are ready to enjoy the benefits. Feeling your jewelry around your wrist or neck will remind you to take a relaxing breath throughout the day. Enjoy!

Heat Stress in Pets

Is your pet prepared for the heat of late summer? Don’t forget how being overweight can be very stressful for some pets in the heat of summer – especially the short-nosed breeds that can’t breathe as easily as we’d like at the best of times. Any respiratory or heart conditions will exacerbate the stress of hot conditions for your pet. Keep your pet as lean as possible and avoid the summer heat. Make sure your pet drinks plenty of water and use fans or air conditioners to beat the heat. Never trust your pet’s condition in a warm car, as heat stroke can be fatal.