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Painful Ingrown Toenails

Q: What are ingrown toenails? A: These almost always occur on the big toe, and can cause significant pain, as well have the potential for infection. Causes can include tight shoes, poor or improper nail care, and genetic predisposition. Treating ingrown toenails involves clearing up any infection that might be present and removing the part of the nail that is growing into the toe. Having a podiatrist do it, under local anesthesia, if necessary, is the best way. To avoid ingrown toenails, cut your toenails regularly straight across instead of rounding the corners or edges, and wear shoes that have adequate width and depth, and are not too tight.

Stress Urinary Incontinence

Research in the last decade has shown that low back pain and stress urinary incontinence have components in common. The goal of restoring motor control for the low back and pelvis is to ensure you are using movement patterns that optimize the transference of loads through all your joints and organs. Your physiotherapist can give you a very thorough examination of the joints and muscles of your low back and pelvis, as well as an assessment using ultrasound imaging, to see what strategy you are using to transfer loads through your pelvis. An individual treatment program can be developed that is specific to your needs. Urinary incontinence is about more than the pelvic floor, come see for yourself.

Need an Energy Boost?

Are the shorter days zapping your energy? Well, you are not alone; at this time of year, the reduced amount of daylight is telling our bodies to sleep more. Unfortunately, our schedules don’t always allow for it and we are left feeling tired and reach for the closest coffee or energy drink. But did you know instead of caffeine and sugar, you can give your body a natural boost of energy and vitality with vitamins C and B12, amino acids, methylfolate, and carnitine? IV vitamin therapy is a great way to get these nutrients with a quick 60-minute drip.

Chiropractic Care is Simple

Modern life is filled with opportunities that cause misalignment in the joints of the spine. Sitting, bending, lifting, trauma and poor posture while using computers and mobile phones can all cause strain on the neck and back. This strain can damage the soft tissues of the spine including the delicate nervous system which is housed within. So, what happens when your spine becomes misaligned and irritates your delicate nerves? Neck pain, Back pain, Headaches, Sciatica, and more. Chiropractic can help to gently re-align, reduce strain and restore function to this delicate system. When was the last time you had your spine examined by a Doctor of Chiropractic?

Clean Eating Recipe: Winter Fruit Salad

Fruit salads aren’t just for warmer weather. Enjoy this delicious raw winter salad, chock-full of health benefits! Ingredients: 1 Tbsp. lemon juice, 3 apples cut into 1-inch cubes, 1/8 tsp. cinnamon, 1 cup red grapes (seedless), 1 tsp. maple syrup, 1/2 cup pomegranate seeds, 1/2 cup almond yogurt, 1/2 cup raw shredded pumpkin. Directions: Combine all ingredients and refrigerate for 15 minutes to set. Serve and enjoy!

Laser Therapy for Quitting

Quitting smoking can be difficult and those who are looking to kick the habit can often use all the help they can get. Low level laser therapy (soft laser) can be a safe, affordable, and effective tool. Laser therapy sessions can help you quit smoking by addressing all three parts of addiction: physical, psychological, and detoxification. For the physical aspect, laser therapy helps stimulate key neuro-chemical pathways to produce endorphins and curb nicotine cravings. Laser therapy sessions can help with relaxation and allow you focus on the psychological reasons for nicotine cravings, and as part of the sessions, detoxification techniques can also be discussed.

Find an Experienced Pain Practitioner

We have all experienced pain at some point during our life. But there are some people for whom pain is a daily burden that doesn’t seem to go away. For those people, it is important to find a practitioner who has extensive experience in assessing and treating acute and chronic pain conditions. It doesn’t matter if your pain is from joints, muscles, nerves, organs, emotional trauma, or even an unknown origin, there is almost always something that can be done to decrease or remove the pain. Get a thorough assessment that can uncover previously overlooked or misunderstood aspects contributing to your problem.

Knee Replacements Outside of Hospitals

Total knee replacement is the most definitive treatment for advanced osteoarthritis. This procedure is typically done in a hospital setting, with 3-5 days of hospital stay. In recent years, it has become clear that healthy individuals can be discharged from the hospital on the day of their surgery, to safely and conveniently recover at home. Having surgery done at a medical centre provides a welcome alternative to hospitals. This can help reduce complications associated with hospitalization, and for many patients, the convenience and comfort of being at home with family is much preferred over the rustle and bustle of a busy surgical ward.

Financial Investment for Women

Women often approach investing differently from the way men do. There is the tendency to have emotional attachments to investments, and are often more socially responsible investors, dealing with companies that are a true fit with their values. Gathering too much information can sometimes cause a person to get caught up in analysis and get overwhelmed. There is no perfect investment strategy, and waiting for one can sometimes hinder financial success. Women may feel more comfortable working with female investment advisors, and may find they are better able to guide investors through the process more comfortably.

Executive Functioning and Learning Difficulties

Children who have been diagnosed with learning disabilities often also have issues with executive functions, which include things like impulse and emotional control, flexible thinking, working memory, self-monitoring, planning and prioritizing, task initiation, and organization. These issues can affect a child’s ability to complete homework, make decisions, organize projects, remain focused, and keep inappropriate responses at bay, which can create problems for the child at school, as well as at home. Certain cognitive exercises tailored to a child may help to improve executive functioning, and in turn decrease some learning difficulties, helping the child to gain confidence and perform better in school.

Calcaneal Bumps

Q: What is a calcaneal bump? A: A bony prominence on the back of your heel is called a ‘calcaneal bump’. In a high-arched foot, the heel bone (calcaneus) can have an altered alignment, which causes an enlargement of the bone in the back of the heel. Often, the body will create a fluid-filled sac (bursa) that can push up against the heel of a shoe and become very painful. Cutting away the heel area of the shoe or placing a doughnut-shaped pad or strip padding on either side of the bump can sometimes help. If these don’t work, consult a podiatrist who may use a topical or injectable medication to reduce the inflammation.