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Gratitude for Growth

There is nothing like a serious health scare to send you to your knees. When good news comes, it’s a huge relief! We feel tremendous gratitude when a crisis has been averted. But what about all of our minor wins and accomplishments we experience every day? How much gratitude do we feel with these? To increase our self-esteem, we must acknowledge these victories too. For some, it might be just getting out of bed, or starting a project they’ve been procrastinating on. By writing down three accomplishments a day that you’re grateful for, you will be building a stronger and happier you. Something to be grateful for!

Outdoor Exploring with Pets

Doing some end-of-summer sightseeing with your dog? Don’t forget that wildlife can be either scared by your pet or see it as prey. Keep your pet safe by leashing it and have protection from large predators. Bears will be fishing and eating berries; don’t allow your pet to get involved in a confrontation. This time of year, bad weather can hit the mountains quickly. Protect yourself and your pet with good preparation, including having the right gear and knowing how to find shelter if necessary. There will still be tick activity until the temperature drops below 4° C, so make sure your pet is protected.

Post-Pregnancy Acupuncture

Q: I’m unable to lose the weight gained from pregnancy, can acupuncture help with this? A: There are several factors that can contribute to weight retention post-pregnancy. For some, it could be due to emotional and hormonal reasons. In an acupuncture treatment session, we adjust the digestive system by expelling bodily junk, combined with treatment for balancing one’s hormones and emotions. It’s a big change to have a new family member. Our emotional state and physical states are closely related. We must take care of both to live a healthy life.

Diastasis Rectus Abdominis

Separation of the abdominal muscles in the midline is a common occurrence after some pregnancies, or after many years of abdominal training with poor technique, and is called diastasis rectus abdominis (DRA). The most obvious visible change during pregnancy is the expansion of the abdominal wall and while most abdomens accommodate this stretch very well, others are damaged extensively. In some, this can prevent optimal function of the core. A physiotherapist can perform a complete assessment of your abdominal wall function (that includes ultrasound imaging) and can help you progress in your exercise program, regain pain-free function, and regain urinary continence. In some cases, physiotherapy can help, but surgery may still be required. We can help you determine if surgery is required for you if you have a DRA.

Boosting Your Immunity

With cold and flu season approaching, NOW is the time to boost your immune system! The go-to supplements for immune boosting include vitamins A, B, C, D, E and the mineral zinc. But did you know that IV Vitamin Therapy can deliver higher doses of vitamin C and B vitamins, and offers additional immune boosting nutrients like selenium? IV Vitamin Therapy works by bypassing the digestive system and allowing your body to receive the higher doses of beneficial vitamins and minerals. And don’t forget that washing your hands is another effective preventative measure to stay healthy, along with stress management.

Clean Eating: Spicy Hummus

Place ½ cup of roasted sesame seeds, squeeze ½ lemon, 1t sea salt and ¼ cup olive oil in a food processer. Blend until paste. Add; 5 cloves crushed garlic, ½t cayenne pepper, 2T chili flakes, ½t black pepper, squeeze in the other ½ lemon, and 1 can drained & rinsed organic chickpeas. Blend and slowly add approx. ¼ c water to the consistency. Garish with paprika.

Surgery for ACL Injuries

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury is commonly seen in sports such as soccer, rugby, and skiing. Although many individuals initially recover well, the ongoing instability often prevents return to sports and leads to further knee injury, and the risk of developing future osteoarthritis becomes increased. Bracing is rarely sufficient. Surgical reconstruction performed early, within 3-6 weeks, helps to minimize the risk of further injury. ACL surgery should be treated as an urgent matter: assessment, diagnosis, and surgery can usually be completed within a few weeks. The athlete, elite, or weekend-warrior can then start early rehabilitation to maximize the benefits of the knee reconstruction.

Life is Motion

Research has shown that motion is so critical to our body’s health that a lack of motion has a detrimental effect on everything from digestion to our emotional state, immune function, our ability to concentrate, how well we sleep, and even to how long we live. If your lifestyle does not include enough motion, your body cannot function efficiently. You may suffer from a wide variety of physical ailments, ranging from headaches to high blood pressure; you may experience reduced energy levels and the lack of ability to mentally focus; and because you have less energy, your activity level may drop off even further over time.

Dealing with Blisters

Q: What are blisters? A: Blisters are the accumulation of fluid between the inner and outer layers of the skin. They are rarely a serious concern but can become infected and more problematic if not treated correctly. They are often caused by prolonged friction between your foot, socks, and shoes. A blister should be drained, by sterile technique, as soon as possible. If blisters are excessively painful, persistent, or infected, see your doctor or podiatrist for treatment. Wearing dual-layer or blister-free socks will minimize friction and moisture, and help keep you less susceptible to blister formation. Neoprene insoles may also help reduce friction.

Worried About Diabetes?

Q: I take daily medication for my diabetes. However, the medication does not decrease my blood sugar levels. Can acupuncture treat this? A: Yes, acupuncture can supplement diabetes medication. In Chinese medical views, diabetes is a result of a weakened digestive system. Upon proper diagnosis, practitioners can use acupuncture to balance out the meridians, and the blood sugar levels will naturally drop, sometimes from one treatment alone. Acupuncturists use thin, short needles of ~1.3 cm that are painless, yet effective. Regular follow-up appointments can result in a better maintained morning fasting blood glucose.

Camping with Pets

Getting in a last camping trip with your pet? Don’t forget how warm the interior of the vehicle can get on sunny days. It’s important to keep your pet’s temperature at a comfortable level. At the campground, control your pet so there are no dangers from dogfights or from wildlife attacks by keeping it leashed or tethered. Prevent getting into food temptations that may lead to burns from fires or spills with hot liquids. Also avoid feeding scraps to pets, which may upset their stomachs. Finally, make sure your pet is tick protected if travelling through the brush.