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11 Key Benefits of Reiki

A Reiki session can induce a calming state of being. 1. It balances the body, mind and spirit. 2. Reiki complements Eastern and Western medicine. 3. It allows the recipient to connect with their own ability to heal. 4. Promotes pain relief. 5. Reiki relaxes muscles, relieves tension, increases energy, reduces stress and provides mental clarity. 6. It assists in finding the root of an invisible disease, promotes sleep, clears toxins and relaxes the mind. 7. Balances the chakras/energies. 8. Encourages emotional release and promotes well-being. 9. Assists in unlocking suppressed feelings and soothes emotional distress. 10. Is a wonderful healing modality for pregnant women and babies. 11. Promotes a peaceful, tranquil and positive outlook, while strengthening spiritual connections.

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