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The body achieves what the mind believes. Unfortunately, this popular expression is very true. In today’s society, ideas such as the Law of Attraction suggest that focusing on something that you want will bring the desired effect. Unconsciously, what we think, we create. An old proverb states: “Be aware of your thoughts, they become words. Be aware of your words, they become actions. Be aware of your actions, they become habits. Be aware of your habits, they become your destiny. Be the creator of your own destiny.” -Lao Tzu. At one point my journey through life, I believed that I was unworthy. This ultimately got me to change my ‘stinking thinking’. Along the way, I managed to turn things around to become a therapist who empowers clients to integrate body, mind and spirit. I am grateful to my teachers who showed me just how special I truly am!

Monique Dorge, MML Consulting

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