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Animal Communicator

I am an Animal Communicator. This means that I was born with the gift of hearing the thoughts and feeling the feelings of animals and being able to respond to them in kind. I recognize animals as equals to people. I stand for animal rights and equality. Aside from terminal illness, the leading reason for euthanasia among dogs and cats is due to misunderstood behaviour. My role in saving an animal from being put down is to be invited into the animal’s home and decipher what the animal is attempting to communicate by acting a certain way. Often their strange and frightening behaviour is due to previous trauma, current unidentified physical illness or a whole host of other environmental triggers. It is my job to commune with the animal and hear the information she or he wishes to get across to her or his people.

As a true empath, I feel the feelings of animals both emotionally and physically. I feel their physical pain, physiological issues, their fear, and their unconditional love. As a Reiki Master I am also fluent in the ability to communicate with people in a healing and nurturing way. I have an innate ability to liaise between animals and their people for the good of all involved. It is because of this that I have chosen to dedicate my life to healing the relationships between animals and humankind both domesticated and wild. They deserve our empathy and we deserve their harmony.

Jill Saifer, Soulstice Spirit Healing

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