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Are You Ready to Shovel?

Autumn presents itself with beautiful colours, warm sweaters and getting ready for winter! As we prepare for winter with yard work and unavoidable shovelling, aches and pains can creep in. Whether it be back pain from tidying the yard, or shoulder pain from shovelling 2 inches of snow, nobody wants the feeling of slowing down due to pain.

Why not prevent those aches and pains before they start with a well-balanced strength and exercise program? At Prairie Trail Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic we can tailor a program to meet your specific needs. Our trained professionals have years of experience in exercise prescription, and assessing and treating musculoskeletal dysfunctions to keep you moving and performing at your best.

So if you are feeling any aches or pains, or simply want to empower yourself with an exercise program, contact Prairie Trail Physiotherapy.

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