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Q: “Why would I come for reflexology rather than having my husband rub my feet?”
Suzy G. – Transcona

A: “Having someone rub your feet can feel really good. Having someone who knows WHERE and HOW to touch your feet … is even better. Let me be specific. A Reflexology Therapist will work on ‘reflex points’ on your feet which correspond to organs, glands and various other parts of your body. In doing this, the therapist helps to balance the energies flowing to these areas, awakening sluggish organs, as well as finding and relieving painful issues; such as lower back pain, headache or even constipation, just to name a few. By the way, your therapist will likely finish off the session by ‘rubbing’ your feet with a refreshing lotion. Be sure to ask if your therapist is a Registered Certified Reflexology Therapist (RCRT) and member of the Reflexology Association of Canada.”

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