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Ask Patzer Centre – Arthritis Pain?

Q: Kelly from River East “What can I do to relieve this constant, nagging pain from arthritis? The creams and pain killers seem to help a little, but only for a short while and sometimes not at all.”

A: “The fastest and most efficient method of relieving arthritic pain that I have found, is through the use of Far InfraRed Heat, which not only brings relief more quickly but also brings longer lasting relief. In the short-term, it warms and relaxes the muscles, increases Nitric Oxide which dilates blood vessels to improve circulation which in turn brings faster relief to the affected area. The long term benefit comes from the reduction of swelling and inflammation by the break-down of painful deposits of lactic acid and calcium in muscles and joints. It is important to drink lots of water to help flush these elements out of the body.”

Larry Patzer,

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