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Book Club: Disease-Proof

by David L. Katz, MD, MPH.

The skills you need to slash your risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and more—by 80 percent. Though we may not realize it, our behaviour has tremendous effects on our health, well-being, and even gene expression.

In Disease-Proof, renowned preventive medicine specialist Dr. David Katz reveals that we can reduce our risk of any chronic disease:

  1. Choose wisely from different classes of macronutrients (complex carbohydrate, lean protein, and healthy fats).
  2. Create a healthy plate with the proper ratio of foods – half veggies, one-quarter whole grains or a starchy vegetable, one-quarter lean protein.
  3. Exercise portion control so you don’t accidentally overeat.
  4. Figure out how to satisfy your emotional needs without food by doing something else that soothes or excites you.
  5. Get in the right frame of mind before you eat and expect to be satisfied by a reasonable amount of food.
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