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Understanding Yoga Therapy

The core principle of Classical Yoga Therapy is that people have an enormous natural capacity for healing and transformation in which Yoga can play an invaluable role. Whether the desire for healing stems from an illness, injury or from an urge to overcome inner struggle and into a deeper exploration of oneself, a more individual, therapeutic approach to yoga is essential. 

Many people associate Yoga with group classes practicing physical postures requiring strength and flexibility whereas  Yoga Therapy is taught 1:1 and can assist most people, even someone laying in a hospital bed. Yoga Therapy addresses your whole Being; Body, Mind and Spirit and is a discipline of identifying and refining the correct practices for you, AS YOU ARE. 

During our sessions I observe, listen and question to discover your particular confluence of issues, needs and capabilities such as physiological condition(s,) muscular-skeletal patterns and injuries, age and energy level, daily activities, unique personality and thought patterns, current life situation (we all go through times of engagement, despondency, joy, confusion etc.) Even your particular aspirations and connection to that which gives your life meaning are considered. I then choose the correct practices that will be appropriate for your particular journey into healing and well-being. 

As a Yoga Therapist I implement profound tools often overlooked in public classes such as breathing/energy regulation, contemplations, visualizations, meditations, interactive relational practices, lifestyle recommendations and dietary recommendations (based in Ayurveda,) and more. This is a modality that is specific to you and is comprehensive in its scope. 

Yoga Therapy requires your diligence in engaging your practice (which may be only 20min/day) as you are the primary impetus in your own healing and well-being. My role as your teacher is to support your healing and recovery by teaching you the correct practices and the accurate undertaking of them. As transformation occurs you notify me so that further modifications and adjustments to your healing practice can be made to suit your evolved state. 

I have observed that many people start off with good intentions but over time find it difficult to keep up a practice, I offer additional support in these instances.

As well as private sessions I also run public programs and professional training.                                     

To find out more about an upcoming program to support health care professionals email me at:

UPCOMING PUBLIC PROGRAM:  Deep Self Care Retreat; Sunday afternoon March 22nd,  1 – 4 pm (see website for details and to register.)

To find out more go to:                                                                                                                

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