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Cleaner Air, For A Healthier Home

In the current global crisis we face, our air quality is top of mind and yet just as frustrating as it’s always been to try and improve. Traditional dry filter systems for air purification and cleaning become choked with pet dander, dead skin cells, dust mites, pollen and other bacteria far too quickly to be time or cost-efficient. So what to do? Rainbow Systems® has the answer, using wet filtration to remove pollutants from our air. Powerful airflow, from a 1.5 horsepower motor, pulls our airborne particulates, allergens, dust and other man-made contaminants into the water basin, where they are trapped in a swirling water bath. Fresh, water-washed air is then returned to your home using only the power of water®! Nature cleans our air naturally with rain and this is the principle on which Rainbow Systems built their company. “Wet dust can’t fly!”

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