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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Also known as a weekly farm box program,  CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture) are an excellent way for you to become better connected to a local farm. Your produce will never be fresher than when it’s harvested and directly received by you, with minimal transportation. This allows your food to maintain its high nutrient content. CSA’s help farmers to plan their seasons; to know how many people he/she will be growing for therefore help define crop production; and make important early investments in infrastructure and maintenance. When buying a share of a farm’s crop you can expect the varieties of produce to be seasonally oriented, the way people throughout history have always eaten. Becoming a member is easy and rewarding. Simply purchase a share from the farmer, and as the growing season begins come down to the farm or pick up location each week to receive your bountiful basket of fresh farm goods.

Brian Prince, Farmer

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