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Laughter is the Best Medicine

I feel as if my body has gotten totally out of shape, so I got my doctor’s permission to join a fitness club and start exercising. I decided to take an aerobics class for seniors. I bent, twisted, gyrated, jumped up and down, and perspired for an hour. But, by the time I got my pants on, the class was over.

TMJ? Acupuncture Can Help!

TMJ can be caused by a combination of muscle tension (teeth grinding), anatomical problems, and injury. The symptoms include everything from headaches, neck/shoulder pain, and dizziness to pain whilst chewing or opening your mouth. Fortunately, for those suffering from TMJ, acupuncture is extremely helpful. A recent study of patients receiving acupuncture for TMJ indicated that 85% benefited with an average reduction in pain intensity of 75%. The primary reason acupuncture is preferred is because it seeks to resolve the origin of a condition. We treat the root cause – stress, muscle tension, system imbalances, as well as the pain in the jaw area, all in one treatment.

Spring Cleaning for a Healthy Home

Are you ready to tackle your spring cleaning with some plant-based products, ditch the conventional toxins and save money all at the same time? Your home is a sanctuary—a place where life unfolds with family, friends, and memories. Having the best for you and your family is about being surrounded by all things healthy and natural. Enjoy natural home solutions with safe, natural ingredients you know you can trust! Thieves products are safe for your pets or little ones. This incredible starter bundle is exclusively available to Young Living members; become a member today to get yours!

How Does CBD Work?

Cannabidiol or CBD is a naturally occurring component of cannabis extracted from the cannabis plant. Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD does not produce the ‘high’ sensation. All cannabinoids, including CBD, produce effects in the body by attaching to receptors in the brain or immune system. The human body has an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that produces some cannabinoids of its own and receives and translates signals from cannabinoids. The ECS helps to regulate functions such as sleep, immune-system responses, and pain. CBD directs the body to use more of its own cannabinoids to produce the therapeutic effects associated with CBD

Exercise Protects Against Alzheimer’s

Physical activity is an integral part of living a healthier life – did you know it also promotes brain health? People who exercise regularly are less likely to develop serious health conditions that can lead to Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia. One of the best ways to stay active is finding opportunities to sneak in a few extra steps every day. While you’re moving, why not register for the IG Wealth Management Walk for Alzheimer’s? Help raise awareness for those living with dementia in Manitoba. Register today and participate by going for a walk, run or bike ride this May!

Diversity and Inclusion

This topic has become a focus for workplaces and the benefits are clear. Many companies have spent money on training their leaders on this topic, but they have not seen the changes in behaviour that they had hoped for. This is because although they may come away with a better understanding of the topic, there are no specific corrective actions for them to take. Coaching can be a powerful and effective tool to help leaders, managers and underrepresented employees come up with solutions to their challenges. Are you looking for a safe space to open for growth?

Quit Smoking with Laser Therapy

Is quitting smoking on your ‘Spring To-Do List’? Have you tried just about everything, with little success? Laser Therapy is clinically proven to help to control cravings and withdrawal symptoms, with a 95-98% success rate! In clinical studies, patients report a noticeable reduction in cravings, and have a higher chance of success in quitting. The benefits of quitting smoking with laser over other interventions include no medications with unpleasant side effects, no unhealthy nicotine in your system in the form of patches, and pleasant side effects of relaxation which are a result of the endorphins released in response to the laser.

Book Club: The Longevity Paradox

How to Die Young at a Ripe Old Age. by Dr. Steven R Gundry. In The Longevity Paradox, he maps out a new approach to aging well—one that is based on supporting the health of the “oldest” parts of us: the microorganisms that live within our bodies. Our gut bugs—the bacteria that make up the microbiome—largely determine our health over the years. From diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s to common ailments like arthritis and the appearance of our skin, these bugs are in the driver’s seat, controlling our quality of life as we age.

Allergy Season Is Back

Many people suffering from head pressure, itchy eyes, and a runny or stuffy nose this allergy season will find only temporary relief, or no relief at all, from over the counter remedies. Alternative approaches, such as nutritional supplementation and Biofeedback focus on more than just symptomatic relief. They enable the body’s ability to remove existing allergens imbedded in the sinus tissues, thereby minimizing the histamine and inflammatory reactions. This stops the over-production of mucus that the body makes to try and push the allergens out. Take a different approach this allergy season – treat the cause, not just the symptoms.

What is a Green Burial?

Green burials, also sometimes called eco-funerals or natural burials, provide a simple, green option for saying goodbye to a loved one. Green burials typically don’t involve embalming – instead, family and friends may choose to wrap their loved one in a shroud made of eco-friendly, biodegradable material and choose an eco-friendly casket. Using land sustainably for burial purposes, such as choosing communal memorialization and planting with native plants, is also often part of a green burial. Your local funeral director can provide advice about and help you plan a suitable green burial for your loved one.

Tips to Better Handle Stress

You may be stressed if you experience the following symptoms frequently: Weight loss, sleep disturbances, irritability, anxiety or panic attacks, frustration, low self-esteem, negative self-talk, under-eating, or over-eating. Here are 6 stress-management tips. 1. Identify your stress triggers. 2. Stay away from things and people that trigger your stress. 3. Enjoy two hours of “me time” per day. 4. Meditate and practice deep breathing. 5. Split your “to-do” list with your family. 6. Create a magic “mantra” for yourself. For example, “I am the boss of my life.” Keep repeating it to yourself during stress and continue this exercise until the mantra becomes a part of your reality. Follow @millenniummedicalcentre on Instagram and Facebook