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Stress Doesn’t Have to Kill You

There’s a great deal of information about the dangers of stress, but some interesting research has recently revealed that it’s actually our beliefs about stress that determine how it will affect us. If we believe stress will make us sick, we’re more likely to get ill and possibly die than if we believe we can cope with stress. That’s not all. When we experience stress, our bodies release the stress hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin is often nicknamed the cuddle hormone because it’s also released during social bonding. Our physiology is actually designed to release a chemical that makes us want to find other people for support when we’re under stress, and this support repairs the chromosome damage that stress has caused – the kind of damage that causes aging and disease. Isn’t that amazing? Believe in yourself and surround yourself with people who believe in you, too. It’s good for your health!
Dr. Lori Doan, Ph.D.,

Book Club:

Developing the Art of Health Finding Health, Happiness, Balance, and Strength by Arthur Rosenfeld. The host of PBS’s Longevity Tai Chi and leading Western Tai Chi master, Arthur Rosenfeld, offers a groundbreaking guide to the myriad of mental and physical benefits of this ancient martial art. In this book, Arthur Rosenfeld gives us incredible information about Tai Chi, how it can help us in our daily lives, benefits, and easy exercises to start practicing this art.

Submitted by: Dr. Eduardo Barreto,

Best Cold Sore Remedies

Cold sores are downright embarrassing. The more we try to hide them, the more obvious they become. Here are some good home remedies in case you find yourself with an unsightly cold sore. 1. Licorice – Try choosing a licorice whip. Studies show that glycyrrhizic acid, an ingredient in licorice, stops the cold sore virus cells dead in their tracks. Be sure it’s made from real licorice. 2 – Pure Vanilla Extract. Yes, the kind you use for baking. Many people swear by this! Soak a cotton pad and apply directly to a cold sore for a few minutes (3 times daily). 3. Hydrogen Peroxide – It disinfects and speeds up healing time. Soak a cotton ball and apply to the sore. Let it sit for about 5 minutes before rinsing off. 4. Peppermint oil – When applied directly to a cold sore, people have found that the sore healed faster than usual.

Clean Eating: Easy Healthy Borscht

Use fresh and organic ingredients. 4 cups of beef broth. 2 cups water. 2T Apple Cider Vinegar. Juice of 1 lemon. 2 cloves garlic. 3 carrots. 2T Coconut Oil. ½ head red cabbage. 1 cup green beans. 3 potatoes. 3 beets with stems and leaves. 1 onion. 4 fresh sprigs of dill. 2 bay leaves. 2 T Italian seasoning. Salt and pepper to taste. Chop ingredients in tiny pieces. 1 can kidney beans. Combine in a crockpot and cook on high for 4 hours. Alternately, cook on top of the stove until the vegetables are soft enough to eat. Enjoy!

4 Toxic Foods to Eliminate

Processed Meats: Can have up to 400 percent more sodium and 50 percent more preservatives than unprocessed meats. The worst part: Some contain nitrites and nitrates, chemical additives that have been linked to various cancers, but are still used to enhance color and promote taste. 2. Margarine: Is marketed as a cholesterol-free, healthy alternative to butter, but it’s the ultimate source of trans fats, which actually elevate cholesterol and damage blood vessel walls. Stick to real foods and eat real butter instead. 3. Artificial Sweeteners: Anything with the word “artificial” in it is chalked FULL of chemicals. These fake sweeteners cause symptoms that range from migraines to weight gain and even more serious conditions like cardiovascular disease. Unless you are diabetic, please stop using these sugar substitites immediately! 4. Microwave Popcorn: Bags, in particular, are often lined with a chemical called perfluorooctane sulfonic acid (PFOS), which has been shown to affect fertility, cancer risk, and kidney functioning.

How Much Vitamin D Do We Really Need?

Vitamin D ensures our body absorbs sufficient calcium. Calcium is required for metabolism, heart and muscle function, and, along with phosphorous, is a key component of bone structure. If your body does not get enough Vitamin D, you are at risk for developing bone abnormalities such as soft bones (osteomalacia) or fragile bones (osteoporosis). Although it has not been proven, Vitamin D may help to prevent falls, boost weight loss, fight infections (colds and flus) and reduce your risk for diseases such as multiple sclerosis. To obtain these potential benefits, most adults need to take 1000 I.U per day. You should never exceed more than 4000 I.U per day unless you are severely deficient, as diagnosed by your doctor. Your body also limits the amount of Vitamin D it gets from the sun, so it is safe to continue with supplementation well into the summer months.
Care At Home Pharmacy,


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Coffee Can Make You FAT..

..And NOT Because of Sweeteners! How is that possible? The caffeine in coffee stimulates the production of adrenaline. Sounds good, right? More energy for projects at work! Well, when adrenaline is released, your blood pressure, pulse rate, and blood sugar levels are all elevated to give you more energy and get you ready for action. When your body doesn’t use that blood sugar (because you’re sitting in your car or at your desk), your blood can’t sustain it for long. Your pancreas is activated to release insulin (the fat storage hormone); this insulin will convert the unused glucose into glycogen, store some of it in your muscles, and convert the rest into body fat. Thus, all that sugar that could be giving you energy instead moves directly into the fat cells around your waist line. Be healthy! Get smart about your eating habits.

Ginseng for Weight Loss

Ginseng does many things to help human health, but many people do not realize that ginseng is good for weight loss. It gives an energy boost and can help fight fatigue. Because of this, it allows for you to be more active. One of the big things that it does in the weight loss battle is by regulating blood sugar. It does this by reducing the amount of carbohydrate that is converted into fat. Also, it is important to point out that ginseng alone will not help lose weight if you engage in poor dietary choices. It is vital that a well-balanced diet is followed and that you are active. Otherwise, like the old English proverb says, “Don’t dig your grave with your own knife and fork.” One of the active ingredients in SlimROAST weight loss coffee from Valentus – The Healthiest Coffee on the Planet!

7 Tips to Keep Holiday Spending in Check

The holiday season shouldn’t be stressful – but the reality is, whether you need to prepare for a visit with the in-laws, host a large family dinner or check a number of items off of a wish list, the time and financial crunches can take their toll.

These tips can help you keep your holiday spending in check – as well as your stress levels.

Make a list and check it twice

Plan a budget ahead of time – and stick to it.

  • There are plenty of online budget calculators to lend you a hand if you aren’t sure where to start.
  • Although it may look good on paper to have a small budget, if your budget is unrealistic you are more likely to go over it.
  • Try to anticipate all the costs, including the little things.

Don’t forget to track your spending and keep it in check with your budget. If you go over in one budget line, try to make up for it by under-spending elsewhere.

Be a savvy shopper

Planning in advance and sticking to a shopping list can make all the difference during the holiday season.

  • Look for sales, use coupons and take advantage of free shipping for online purchases – planning ahead can help you to avoid last-minute purchases that are outside of your budget. You can cut down on express shipping charges if you don’t leave that last-minute online purchase until too late.
  • When watching for sales, be wary of signage that is put out to draw you in – just because it’s marked as a sale doesn’t mean it’s a good deal!
  • Plan your shopping trips and avoid the extras. It’s nice to treat yourself once in a while, but if you’re getting coffee or food at the mall each time you go, those costs can add up. Eat before you go out on your shopping excursion and take snacks with you for when you’re feeling a little peckish.

Reconsider your gift giving

Consider changing your gift giving habits – cut back on your list if you can, introduce the idea of a Secret Santa for your family instead of buying gifts for everyone or suggest a group gift to charity.

If you’re sticking to a list, check off everything you buy and then stop shopping. Going off-list can have a significant impact on your budget.

You could also consider homemade versus store-bought gifts. If you’ve got time and creative skills, giving homemade gifts can help to cut down on your budget. Plus, it’s very personal and comes from the heart!

Practice smart party planning

A potluck dinner is a great way to cut down on the stress and costs of hosting a family dinner or party. If you’re hosting, plan to make the main dishes and ask others to contribute sides, salads, desserts, etc.

If you don’t have the option to share the work and the spread out the financial contribution, keep track of all that you spend so that you can budget effectively for your next party.

Remember that decorations may add ambiance, but they are optional. Cutting back on decorations for your holiday party can translate into significant savings.

Travel wisely

Many people go home for the holidays – and travel companies are well aware of that.

  • Plan travel as far in advance as possible or look for seat sales and use discount fare-finding sites.
  • If you’re going by car and not going far, try carpooling.
  • Budget for spending money during the trip as well – buying food and drinks at convenience stores in airports and gas stations on the road can add up quickly, so consider buying less expensive (and healthier) snacks for the journey.
  • Ask if the hotel you’re staying at offers discounts, for example for CAA members. Book in advance or use cost-saving sites to find your accommodations for less. Or stay with family (if you can handle it)!

When possible, purchase a little bit at each paycheque to avoid a large payment all at once. This will also help to prevent the “holiday hangover” of seasonal debt.

More Than Just Words

There’s a lot of talk out there about positive affirmations, but do they really do anything? Research has revealed that negative words and thoughts have a damaging neurochemical effect. The brain interprets negative words and thoughts as a threat and it goes into survival “fight, flight, or freeze” mode, which in turn releases stress hormones and interrupts rational thinking and decision making. The good news is that positive words and thoughts can counteract the negativity. The bad news is that positivity isn’t perceived as a threat and, thus, the brain does not respond as swiftly or dramatically to positive words as it does to negative ones. Researchers say that we must repeat positive thoughts or words a minimum of three times for every negative one. This engages the motivational center of the brain and reduces stress. So yes, science tells us we should keep saying those daily affirmations.