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Bowenwork Therapy for Frozen Shoulder

Do you experience joint pain or restriction in range of motion? As a Bowen Therapist, one of the complaints I see is Frozen Shoulder. This very painful condition often takes 1-2 years to “thaw”. Bowen Works patient Barb says, “In 2014, I suffered with two frozen shoulders. I was in excruciating pain and had very limited mobility. I tried other treatments but they were painful and didn’t help. I had not heard of Bowen Therapy before but after 5 treatments both shoulders were completely healed”. Bowen Therapy is safe, pain-free, and very effective in the treatment of Frozen Shoulder.

Why do you Wear Socks?

Socks are a creative way to express your personality and style like our prime minister with his maple leaf socks. Many of us choose our socks by appearance not realizing that there are many health benefits to wearing the right socks. Socks with antibacterial properties help prevent odors and fight germs and fungus. Socks can also prevent foot pain by protecting feet from the environment and if you wear them to bed, can help you fall asleep more easily. Today there are socks available that not only keep your feet warm, but may also offer general pain relief, more energy and increased balance and stability.

In Full Color

Over a year ago, Teresa’s husband brought home a copy of the Wellnessnews from Manitoba and said “You should look into this, we need this in our community.” We agreed and decided to bring Wellnessnews to Central Vancouver Island. Here we are, 12 issues later, healthier and a little lighter with a greater understanding of the meaning of health and wellness. The feedback that we receive from our readers has been overwhelmingly positive. As we begin our second year of publishing we are over the moon thrilled to be doing so in full color!

Gaming vs Gambling

Once upon a time, gaming and gambling were separate forms of entertainment, vying for their respective market share. In today’s world, now that people of all ages have wide-ranging access to the internet and smart phones, these industries have become powerhouses within their respective worlds. How people gamble has changed. How our youth play video games has changed as well: Never-ending self-contained online worlds, rife with micro-transactions fuel increased spending to simply keep up in the game. If this all sounds foreign to you, please connect with an under 40 gaming enthusiast near you. Gaming and gambling have changed. Now, there is even more reason to make sure we are doing both responsibly.

Collagen Activation Therapy

Are you looking to rejuvenate your skin? The use of Ultrasonic skin cleansing and Microneedling, stimulates and activates the body’s own natural collagen healing process that restore skin to a more youthful and vibrant appearance. Microneedling is a non-invasive treatment that works wonders with minimal downtime. It is an ideal choice for those wishing to naturally lift and tighten skin elasticity, lessen wrinkles and fine lines, lighten age spots, minimize pore size, reduce scars, stretch marks, hyper-pigmentation and even rosacea. The process can be done anywhere on the body and each treatment is individualized for the client’s needs.

Ozone Anti Aging

Ozone has remarkable versatility for disease management because of the increased oxygen utilization at a cellular level. The success of the treatment is dependent on the practitioner’s skill, judgment & the proper integration of other skills including acupuncture, detoxification, nutrition, herbal medicines, etc. I have many patients who follow my recommendations to resolve a specific acute or chronic ailment and then continue with ozone treatments as an anti-aging tool. My patients report increased energy, increased stamina, increased resistance to cold and flu’s and an overall increase sense of well-being. I recommend these anti-aging remedy treatments for all patients when they reach their 60th Birthday.

Benefits of Rosemary

Rosemary is such a common herb that we take it for granted; relegating it to roast chicken. It is a powerful and multi-faceted herb. Rosemary is known to be a brain function and memory booster; helpful for both students and elderly women. It is also a circulatory and nervine stimulant that has a toning and calming effect on digestion. If you have thinning hair, add rosemary essential oil to your shampoo to stimulate hair follicles and circulation to the scalp or make some strong rosemary tea and use as a hair rinse. Buy some fresh rosemary and try it out for yourself.

Laser Hair Removal: How it Works

If you have unwanted hair, laser hair removal may be for you. Laser hair removal destroys hair follicles and stops hair from growing back. This technique results in long-term elimination of hair and has become the ultimate alternative to plucking, shaving, waxing and painful electrolysis. Prior to treatment, the hair is trimmed to the skin. For maximum comfort, a topical anaesthetic cream may be applied one hour prior to the treatment. Laser treatments should be performed by experienced, professional laser technicians using a FDA approved Lightsheer Diode Laser, the gold standard in permanent hair reduction. This ensures a comfortable procedure with the best possible result.

T’is the Season for Allergens to Attack!

Does spring mean the misery of allergies for you? Acupuncture is an excellent treatment that will lessen or prevent the onset of seasonal allergic misery. We have all seen or experienced the tearing, running nose, sneezing, nasal congestion, wheezing, coughing, itching, rashes and eruptions that signal an allergic attack. The usual suspects are pollen, dust, hair, fur, feathers, scales, wool, chemicals, drugs, insect bites, and various foods. Be proactive; practice preventative medicine. A few needles given prior to the onslaught of these substances PREVENT a serious bout of hay fever, allergic rhinitis, or other misery.

Microbiome and our Health

When it comes to optimal health, our bodies rely on billions of human microbiome to help maintain homeostasis, a healthy mind and body. We acquire these microbiome when we are born, through our mothers breast milk and as we age, through our foods and soils. The microbiome can become damaged due to antibiotics, alcohol, stress, sugar, and processed foods. This may lead to the start of an illness and physical or even mental distress. To help maintain optimal gut health it’s important to add fermented foods into the diet, reduce sugar intake and seek ways to reduce stress

Dehydration: Signs and Symptoms

The signs and symptoms of dehydration in an elderly person can be virtually identical to those for dementia. The most common signs and symptoms of dehydration include persistent fatigue, lethargy, muscle weakness or cramps, headaches, dizziness, nausea, forgetfulness, confusion, deep rapid breathing or an increased heart rate. Because seniors often have a reduced sense of thirst, dehydration is one of the most frequent causes of hospitalization after the age 65. Make sure the senior in your life is eating enough and drinking the daily recommended amount of water.