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Stay Young at Heart

CardioFlex Q10™ is a proprietary collagen precursor formula designed to promote the body’s natural ability to produce collagen and repair connective tissues to support cardiovascular health. Each serving contains 2000 mg Vitamin C, amino acids and other nutrients that help build structural elastin and structural collagen, maintain cardiovascular health, reduce the recurrence of herpes simplex virus/shingles, maintain proper muscle function and generally maintain good health. Excellent for supplementing vegan diets and made in Canada by Innotech Nutrition, a family company.

AJ Pedal Wheelchair

Whether your mobility has been impacted by Parkinson’s, MS, a stroke, or knee or hip trouble, the AJ Pedal Wheelchair is designed to get you moving again. Like a bike, it’s powered by you – so you can reconnect with your body, rebuild muscle tone and improve your cardiovascular system. Designed to maneuver in tight spaces like narrow halls and doorways, the AJ rides easily into elevators, buildings and shopping centres. More robust than a wheelchair, the AJ allows you to pedal through parks, along sidewalks and even ride public transit. One-handed, dual hydraulic brakes allow you to stop quickly with just a gentle squeeze of the brake handle. The comfort-ride shock and pneumatic tires keep you comfortable and confidently in control. Each AJ is hand built in Victoria, BC, using the highest grade aluminum and other durable materials for a safe and sturdy ride.

Alcohol Free Elixirs

Ancient wisdom describes an elixir as a magical or medicinal potion designed to cure. Solbrü has redefined a modern elixir as a liquid infusion of herbs that serves a function in the body. They have soulfully infused a blend of balancing herbs and adaptogenic mushrooms, to raise vibes and ground souls. Their Brü replaces alcoholic spirits in a sophisticated way, with its own unique flavours and novel functionality, delivering a bold authentic bite without the hangover. Drink it as a shot, sip it on the rocks; or enjoy it in an AF (alcohol-free) cocktail. Pour over a glass of nut or oat milk or mix it with orange or grapefruit juice for an extra Vitamin C punch.

Purify Your Home

At the heart of GreenTech Environmental’s pureAir product family is the concept of active air purification. Using only moisture in the air, pureAir systems produce elements such as activated oxygen, plasma, and hydroxyls to continuously purify your home. Unlike passive air filters that require air to pass through them to be cleansed, active air purifiers propel oxidizers out to the sources of pollution in your space, continuously cleaning the air. You can now effectively remove allergens, bacteria, viruses, smoke, and all types of odors. Breathe easy knowing that providing your home with healthy air.

WorkBC Assistive Technology Services

“There are a million different ways that we can help somebody increase their capability at work,” says Nate Toevs, Marketing Manager for the WorkBC Assistive Technology Services program.
Offered across BC, the program “helps people who have a barrier to their employment related activities,” explains Nate. “The focus is on people with disabilities, but it’s also people who have an old injury or chronic pain, anything that prevents them from giving one hundred percent of themselves in the workplace.”
The program provides funding for assistive technology, ergonomics, restorative supports including canes and crutches, hearing aids, vehicle modifications, and more.

Contact us for more information at 1-844-453-5506 or, or visit

Vancouver Island Gambling Support

It’s been over a year since Covid 19 overtook our lives. For most, it has been a challenging time. For many, it has been a difficult time emotionally, and financially. Pushed to the limit, some of our friends and family have sought financially relief through online gambling. Rarely has it been the silver bullet many had hoped for. Here at, we tailor our services to meet your unique needs. Support groups, outreach support services, counselling, and webinars are available to support you and your loved one’s redress gambling related harms. VI Gaming Support is contracted by the BC Responsible & Problem Gambling Program.

What’s the Human Body-Field?

While traditional healthcare has primarily focused on physiology, we are now seeing that energy and information control biology. In fact, frontier science proves that there is a regulating field of energy and information that operates in the physical body at the subcellular level. At NES Health, they call this the Human Body-Field (HBF), and they have researched its functions and structures for more than 30 years. In that time, they have discovered that the root causes of physical problems are distortions and blockages in the body-field, which serves as a master control system for all physiological function.

The Goddess Run

Running can be challenging, rewarding and enjoyable at the same time. However, if you are starting out, you may feel that it’s definitely more challenging, as opposed to enjoyable. If you want to run longer while enjoying the training, then it’s important to make the process both fun and manageable. The more time you give yourself to work towards your goal, the less likely you are to injure yourself while trying to cram too much training into a short period of time. The Goddess Run is the perfect opportunity to safely take your running to the next level while having fun.

Tropical Banana Smoothie

We can’t travel to the tropics, but we can bring the tropics to us! Enjoy this delicious and healthy fruit smoothie. INGREDIENTS: 1 cup CO-OP GOLD Tropical Banana Blend Strawberries, ½ cup Strawberry Liberté Kefir, 1 ½ cups Vanilla Silk Oat Beverage, 3 tbsp CO-OP GOLD PURE Hemp Seeds, 2 tbsp chia seeds, 2 tbsp oats, 1 tbsp honey, 1 tsp lime juice, 3-5 ice cubes. DIRECTIONS: Place all ingredients into a blender. Run on high speed for one minute or until smooth.

Helping Seniors Eat Healthy

Seniors need to get adequate nutrients from their meals to help them reduce the risk of serious health conditions, stabilize their mood, and maintain their mental health. Retirement communities help meet seniors’ nutrition needs by providing meals that are low in saturated fats and have moderate amounts of unsaturated fat, which promotes a stable body mass index (BMI) and metabolism. Healthy portion sizes support a healthy weight for older adults by preventing excessive calorie intake. If you or a loved one have questions about proper nutrition and eating habits for seniors, reach out to your care provider or retirement community.

Your Cool New Booze-Free Option

Taking a night off from drinking can now be a part of an exciting night out! Self-care can extend past sunset and socializing can boost your health and wellness game. When we consume beverages that are healthier for our body and mind, we feel more empowered and connected to our souls. We call this mindful consumption. Our Brü is soulfully curated for both flavour and functionality, creating a novel social experience. It’s time we remove outdated, stigmatized labels like alcoholic, recovery, disease and replace them with empowering words like alcohol-free, sober curious, and non-drinker, so people can feel proud about their accomplishment by choosing not to drink.