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The Meditation Shortcut

Qi Coils™, a revolutionary new form of meditation technology, have recently gained popularity among those looking to improve their overall well-being, especially in the areas of stress management, sleep, energy, meditation, and pain management. The technology uses electromagnetic fields to promote relaxation and focus. The coils are placed around the body, and it is scientifically-proven that the PEMF fields they generate help balance the body’s energy and promote a sense of well-being.

According to users, Qi coils™ have helped them to overcome chronic pain and insomnia, and to reduce anxiety. Many people have reported feeling more relaxed and at ease after using the technology, which has also helped them to improve their sleep quality and increase their energy levels. Some users have even claimed that the coils have helped them to achieve a deeper state of meditation and to reduce stress levels.

The technology is non-invasive, contactless and easy to use, making it accessible to a wide range of people. As more and more people are looking for alternative ways to improve their well-being, Qi coils™ offer a promising solution for those seeking to improve their quality of life. David Wong – Founder,

Hearing Aids and Compatible Apps

Are Hearing Aids and Apps Compatible with my Cell Phone?

A common concern for new hearing aid users is the ability to use their phone while wearing the devices. Thankfully, a few years back the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) implemented rules for phone manufacturers to ensure users could differentiate compatible versus non-compatible cell phones. This change obliged companies to make their devices hearing aid friendly. Today, there are applications and adaptors readily available to assist with the struggles of hearing loss.

What Phones are Hearing Aid Compatible?

Mobile devices have come a long way since the FCC rule was introduced, and since then all smartphones are required to be hearing aid compatible (HAC). With smartphones evolving at a rapid pace, the features and abilities for hearing aid users continue to progress. Users now have the ability to connect hearing aids to landlines through adaptors, making comfortable conversations possible at home and on the go. With this ever-changing technology, it is recommended you speak with your hearing healthcare professional for phone suggestions and assistance with connecting your hearing aid to your mobile and landline devices.

What is a Hearing Aid App?

There is a wide range of hearing aid apps that are designed to help individuals with hearing aids in a variety of ways. Some apps give users the ability to adjust their hearing aid levels, which is a useful tool when going from a loud environment to a quiet one, or vice versa. These apps often allow settings to be saved, so those with hearing aids can easily adjust their levels when returning to their common spaces. Hearing aid apps are also a useful tool for checking on battery levels for rechargeable hearing aids, ensuring users never have to question if they have enough battery life to last through the day.

Some of the most common hearing aid apps are those that connect directly to audio. With these apps, users are able to stream shows, music, phone calls and more straight to their hearing aids. Other apps provide decibel-measuring, which allows users to know how loud their surroundings are. In addition, some apps are designed to help train one’s brain with hearing exercises and keep track of hearing progress. These apps are also beneficial for hearing experts because they provide detailed information that can help determine the best plan of action for one’s hearing journey.

Is There an App for Tinnitus?

Millions of Canadians experience tinnitus, symptoms can range from a minor annoyance to a disrupting of daily life. While there is no cure for tinnitus, there are some apps that can help ease the symptoms, which are often described as a ringing, chirping or buzzing noise in one’s ears. One of the most common treatment methods for tinnitus is sound masking, and there are several apps designed for this, with some compatible with hearing aids. Sound masking works by stimulating your brain and amplifying background noise to cover up the unpleasant sounds of tinnitus. Other apps include educational information about tinnitus, guided meditations, and breathing techniques. If you are experiencing symptoms of tinnitus, it is important to meet with a hearing expert to discuss treatment options. An audiologist or Registered Hearing Instrument Practitioner (RHIP) will help guide you through your hearing process for an improved quality of life.

What are the Next Steps?

If you are wondering whether your smartphone is compatible with your hearing aids, or you’re searching for an app that works best for your hearing health and lifestyle, a hearing expert will be able to provide detailed information that’s tailored to you. Audiologists and hearing professionals at NexGen Hearing are passionate, dedicated and experienced.

NexGen Hearing offers free hearing tests and hearing aid consultations, hearing aid fittings, leasing options and sales. Book an appointment at one of our 45+ clinics in the BC Interior, Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island by clicking here or calling 1-877-606-6671

Celebrate Important Relationships

As February arrives, people are reminded of the importance of spending time with family and the importance of relationships in their lives. Valentine’s Day brings up mixed emotions for many, with some looking to celebrate it, while others, for various reasons, try to avoid it. If we look at Valentine’s Day as we used to when we were children, we can see the day as a way to celebrate the important relationships we do have, regardless of type, and connect with all of them to let them know we are thinking about them.”

Do You Live In Tune With Your Biorhythms?

We live in a fast-paced society focused on performance, speed and constant routines. Nature works differently. There are clear cycles; the four seasons are an example. Whether we realize it or not, humans operate in cycles too and we call them biorhythms (physical, emotional and intellectual). Have you ever had days when you felt invincible, full of energy with a sharp mind? On the contrary, on other days you struggle to find the right words, keep getting emotional or tire easily? Check online to calculate your biorhythms, prepare for lows and optimize your peaks. Make the most of your natural cycles.

Benefits of Therapeutic Recreation

At the core of therapeutic recreation is the idea that recreation and leisure are integral to the quality of life. This is especially important for seniors who may be at increased risk of isolation and loneliness which can have a detrimental effect on their physical and mental health. The recreation programming at Seniors Communities offers a number of benefits for the emotional and spiritual realms of life, including *Decreasing symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression. *Fostering positive experiences. *Improving self-confidence. *Increasing sense of belonging. *Decreasing loneliness, boredom and expressive behaviours.

Stay Connected to Family and Friends

It is important for seniors to maintain strong connections with family and friends. Social connections can reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation and make life more enjoyable. Regular activities, such as having coffee with friends or going for a walk, can help. Friends and family can also offer emotional and practical support. If you are taking care of someone with dementia, or other ongoing health issues, it is important to make sure you have time for yourself. Maintain a balanced schedule and take time to do activities that make you happy, such as reading a book, listening to music, or spending time in nature.

World Cancer Day

February 4 marks World Cancer Day. This day provides an opportunity to raise awareness, educate and encourage governments and individuals to take action and fight against cancer. From 2022-2024, the World Cancer Day theme is “Close the Care Gap”, which aims to reduce health inequities when accessing cancer care and to provide the same opportunity to prevent, diagnose and treat this disease. As we honour this day, remember that making healthier choices such as; *avoiding smoking, *using sunscreen, *limiting alcohol consumption, *eating healthy and *participating in screening tests can help reduce the risk of getting certain types of cancer.

Community Event – CNOY

Have you registered to walk in the Coldest Night of the Year (CNOY) walk? This winterrific family-friendly walk raises money for local charities serving people experiencing hurt, hunger and homelessness. There is no registration fee to enter. Team up, walk and fundraise! If you raise $150, you will receive one of this year’s amazing toques. The event takes place on February 25th and features family-friendly 2 or 5 km walks. See the website for details on how you can get involved. Join tens of thousands of Canadians in over 180 communities who are participating to support their local community.

Strengthen Your Immune System

As we age, our immune response capability reduces, which can lead to potential infection and disease. Since our body uses food to extract nutrients that prevent disease, it’s important that our diets contain nutrient-rich foods for an overall stronger immune system. Antioxidant-rich foods help fight against free radicals that can cause damage to the body, whereas sugary foods generate an inflammatory response within the body, causing health issues and lowering the immune system. Foods high in antioxidants include berries (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, goji berries), red cabbage, beans, dark chocolate, pecans, spinach, carrots and potatoes.

Do You Have Restless Legs?

Are your legs keeping you from falling asleep? HealthLink BC identifies Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) as a disorder related to sensation and movement. The symptoms, often most severe at night, are unpleasant or uncomfortable sensations in the legs that cause an irresistible urge to move them. Moving the legs only relieves the discomfort temporarily. If symptoms are mild, a few lifestyle changes may be enough to control them. *Avoid tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine *Keep the bedroom cool, quiet, and comfortable *Get regular exercise *Massage the leg or use heat or ice packs. Some people find relief when wearing VoxxLife socks with woven HPT technology.


In 2022, several internet sources reported that Super Bowl LVI was THE largest sports betting sporting event in North America, including an increased percentage of prop bets ( x > 60%-70%). The Lombardi Line talk show reported a record handle at $179M+ (Las Vegas oddsmakers). The days of simply predicting a win/loss, quarter points or basic point spread are far behind us. Micro-betting, early cash outs, prop bets and other in-game betting features have heightened the gambling experience, mirroring slot machines in their neuro-chemical impact on the brain. How much betting will this year’s Super Bowl draw in?