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Focus on What You Want

When someone heads towards their goals, versus trying to move away or reduce something, the outcome is more positively directed. By looking to something rewarding, success has a better chance of taking place. It also helps to focus on what you want to bring into being, as opposed to dwelling on what you don’t want anymore. A positive attitude is very powerful. When you have a positive attitude, negative thoughts are much less likely to come to mind. Positive thinking can help to control stress and also improve health.

Gaming vs Gambling

Once upon a time, gaming and gambling were separate forms of entertainment, vying for their respective market share. In today’s world, now that people of all ages have wide-ranging access to the internet and smartphones, these industries have become powerhouses within their respective worlds. How people gamble has changed. How our youth play video games has changed as well: Never-ending self-contained online worlds, rife with micro-transactions fuel increased spending to simply keep up in the game. If this all sounds foreign to you, please connect with an under-40 gaming enthusiast near you. Gaming and gambling have changed. Now, there is even more reason to make sure we are doing both responsibly.

Learn a New Skill this Fall

This fall, seniors have a golden opportunity to embrace the joy of learning new skills. Whether it’s mastering digital photography, delving into creative writing or exploring the intricacies of gardening, the season offers a perfect backdrop for growth. With a wealth of online resources and community classes, seniors can engage their minds and passions, fostering a sense of accomplishment and connection. Learning enhances cognitive function and also brings fulfillment and a renewed sense of purpose. Embracing the vibrant hues of autumn, seniors can embark on a rewarding journey, proving that it’s never too late to acquire fresh skills and enrich their lives.

Denture Options to Suit You

Properly fitted dentures are an important part of wellness. They look and feel just like your natural teeth and allow you to experience a better quality of life. They restore your smile, are comfortable and increase your confidence. Dentures can empower you to enjoy social interactions without fear of a denture malfunction while you are engaged in conversation or dining with friends. Studies reveal a positive link between oral health and mental well-being, making dentures functional as well as allies on your journey to a happier, more confident you. Visit us to find out about denture options and what is best for you.

A Friend Wants to Buy your Home?

While it’s nice to sell your house to someone you know and have an easy transition, be mindful of the value of your home. Recently, we encountered a “nice” neighbour who offered to buy a senior’s home for $600,000 cash. The market value of the home was closer to $1,200,000. Without intervention from loved ones and a trusted real estate professional, the owner’s financial future could have been critically compromised. Be sure to ask for sound advice before making big decisions! Questions on Real Estate? Call Tony.

Free Workshop for Seniors

Circle Wednesday, October 25th on your calendar! The Victoria Seniors Business Network is hosting a free workshop that will feature speakers on Homecare Services, Housing Options and Downsizing Tips.
Guest speakers include: Roger Martin, Owner of Comfort Keepers; Lynn Van de Kamp, Sales Consultant at Parkwood Place and Jills Phipps, Owner of Home Again – Senior Transition Services.
The event will run from 1:30 pm – 3:30 and will be held at St. Patrick’s Parish, 2060 Haultain Street in Victoria.
Seats are limited. Reserve yours today. Register for this free workshop at or call (778) 200-3387.

Join the WellnessHub Today

Are you a health care practitioner? Do you have a health and wellness business? If so, you want to get a listing on the WellnessHub – Basic listings are FREE. The WellnessHub is Vancouver Island’s local online health and wellness resource. It features practitioners, businesses, health tips, a monthly contest and much more. Monthly memberships are available for people who want extra exposure. The WellnessHub is supported in print, social media, radio and more. We work with you to get your message out to your potential customers. The Hub attracts thousands of local visitors every month.

Socks with Comfortable Compression

Are you moving enough during the day? If you spend a lot of time sitting, your calf muscles which usually help pump blood through your veins do very little. This can cause swelling and blood to pool in the lower legs. Standing all day can have the same effect. Walking is a great exercise to help the calf muscles do their job. Socks with compression squeeze your legs to move blood up your leg whether you are sitting or standing. Voxx Knee Highs offer gentle compression, are comfortable to wear and have HPT to help with pain, balance and stability.

Rebalance, Reset & Relax

The human body is amazing. It can be rebalanced and reset on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. A therapy session in The Harmonic Egg, a uniquely engineered bio resonance chamber, activates the body’s repair mechanism to promote profound relaxation. With the fusion of advanced technology and ancient wisdom, it uses the vibrational energies of sacred geometry, light, colour and sound. These frequencies vibrate to create a 360 degree amplified resonance experience that returns the body to homeostasis. Each energy therapy session is individually tailored and is precisely controlled, consistent, and repeatable. It is completely non-invasive and 100% safe.

Nursing Services & Wellness Session

The Victoria Community Health Co-operative offers nursing services based on a Community Health Centre model. Services are available at no cost with a BC MSP card. Our nurses are able to assist you by providing a nursing assessment and recommendations. Please join us for our next Community Wellness session on September 11, 2-3:30 at the Cook Street Activity Centre, #1 – 380 Cook Street. The session will be provided by The Family Caregivers of BC. FCBC provides caregivers with information, education and support. These services help caregivers feel supported in this very important role.

Dance for the Health of It!

Dancing is fun and burns lots of calories. Modern Square Dancing is: *A combined mental and physical workout. *A great way to meet new people. *A cooperative sport where all work together to execute a series of calls. *A joyful, rhythmic group dance done to all types of music and live singing. It’s also a fun evening out and you can top up your step count for the day! Come with a partner or on your own. All are welcome! Free Lessons offered in September. Contact the Lower Vancouver Island Western Square & Round Dance Association for information on Clubs, Locations and Schedules.