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By now, many of us have heard about leaky gut syndrome and the effects it has on our health.  It is widely thought to be the reason for increased auto immune diseases, symptoms of the brain such as depression, anxiety, ADHD as well as IBS, Crohn’s and colitis. Known causes of leaky gut:

1) Frequent usage of antibiotics

2) Consumption of alcohol

3) Use of antacids & some prescription medications

4) High blood sugars

5) Diet high in processed food

6) Stress

Fortunately, there are many ways to heal a leaky gut:

1) Eliminate processed foods & food allergens

2) Consume bone broth, Pro-biotics and Vitamin U (found in cabbage juice)

3) Decrease stress

4) Eliminate cold drinks with meals

R.H.N.s are trained to assist with healing leaky gut syndrome. We work with many health professionals to help you and your family regain health.

Cheryl Prince R.H.N., LPN,

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