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Frustrated with your Diabetes?

Are you living with diabetes and frustrated because you are not meeting your blood sugar targets or are you newly diagnosed and uncertain about how to take care of your diabetes? Maybe you feel overwhelmed because your doctor suggested that you start insulin or you were told that you are at high risk of developing diabetes and feel confused about how to prevent progression? According to research, the most common reasons for poor control of blood sugar, annoying symptoms and development of long-term complications are lack of diabetes self- management skills and skills to put existing knowledge into practice. Diabetes can be challenging but…YOU can manage diabetes instead of diabetes managing you! As a Certified Diabetes Educator my commitment is to help you understand how diabetes affects your body and improve your confidence to self-manage. Together we make plans that are suitable for your lifestyle and geared to help overcome obstacles that prevent you from caring for your diabetes in the best possible way. Mathilda Prinsloo

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