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Giving Back – Turning Leaf

At Turning Leaf, we’re seeing people differently. We see that man on the street, disheveled, dirty, talking to himself, asking for money. Many see just a homeless, mentally ill panhandler.

We see Albert. A brother, and a son. We’re committed to people like Albert and to his family.

Turning Leaf (Inc.) is dedicated to providing crisis intervention and treatment services to youth and adults experiencing intellectual challenge and mental illness. Turning Leaf is compassionate, trained people helping those vulnerable and marginalized while they struggle with the seemingly insurmountable obstacles of homelessness, poverty, victimization, isolation, and loneliness. With services throughout Manitoba, Turning Leaf offers those that are hurting with housing, addictions treatment, women’s shelters, and counselling. These services all work tirelessly to make lasting relationships, support healthy change, and, above all, share hope.

Visit or call 204-221-5594 to hear more about how we see people differently … and how you can too.

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