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Heart Health

Heart Disease has become the most fatal condition in the world!

One out of every two people are having strokes and heart attacks, but also death in many cases. Depending on diet, family history, stress and inactive lifestyles, this silent killer, attacks! High cholesterol is also seen as a culprit, however there is huge benefit to having high HDL (good cholesterol). Having high LDL (bad cholesterol) can also be controlled by diet and lifestyle changes. It is recommended to have your blood pressure checked regularly and reduce high fat diets. Exercising daily not only is beneficial for your heart but also assists in stress reduction. Specific medical devices on the market can offer great health advice on your arteries along with stress testing such as the PulseWave and CardioWave. The medical award winning amino acid Arginine has also been proven to flush plaque from the arteries and assist with several health benefits! Together, lets help prevent heart disease!

Christy Kim, Cardiovascular Specialist, Face Up Health

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