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How is Stress Affecting You

Stress is unpleasant, even when it is transient. Stressors such as work, relationships, finances etc. stimulate the Sympathetic Nervous System (or fight-and-flight response) in your body, and over time and continuation cause negative effects to the affected areas (lack of sleep, digestive issues, high blood pressure, reproductive complications, etc.). The areas or systems of your body that are most affected by stress are:  Brain and Nerves, Muscles and Joints, Cardiovascular System, Stomach and Intestines, Pancreas and Reproductive System. Reflexology stimulates the Parasympathetic Nervous System (or rest-and-renew response) in your body, allowing your body functions to normalize naturally, resulting in: Longer, deeper sleep, an increase in digestive function, lowered blood pressure, reversal of reproductive complications, etc. Other ways to reduce stress naturally and improve your overall mental and physical health are small daily doses of physical exercise, daily meditation, deep breathing exercises and massage therapy.

Gloria Laing,

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