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How Your Workouts Can Benefit the Whole Family

With long to-do lists, busy moms often put their own needs last. With a unique mix of responsibilities like; kids to raise, work, house cleaning, shopping, cooking and caring for other family members; finding extra time in the day to care for yourself is no easy task. But it’s vitally important—so your health and wellness are maintained, and the people you love will have a real-life example of how good health can affect their minds, bodies and overall outlook on life. Next time you are having trouble staying motivated to eat healthier or stay on your workout routine, keep these pointers in mind.   1. Exercise helps build muscle and lowers stress levels naturally, resulting in more patience for what really counts: your children. 2. Set the example of being in shape. 3. Confidence is contagious and when you feel good – it shows. 4. Cut out wasted time on electronics. See how our 30-minute total body workout can fit in with your lifestyle and help you transform your life. Curves Southdale

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