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Lower Cross Syndrome

Do you suffer from low back pain and aren’t sure what brought it on? It is quite possible that you are experiencing a muscular imbalance known as Lower Cross Syndrome. This is a chronic condition where there is a lack of core stability and weakness in the abdominal and glute muscles. Lack of strength in these muscles contributes to tightness in the lumbar back muscles and hip flexors. Tightness in these two muscle groups causes the pelvis to rotate anteriorly. This decreases the angle between the vertebrae and the posterior aspect of the pelvis, thus causing pain in the low back. To reduce this pinch, it is important to strengthen the glutes and abdominals, while loosening the hip flexors and low back muscles. Hip Bridges, Dead Bugs, Child’s Pose Stretch, and Proposal Stretch are four exercises you can perform to help try and decrease your low back pain.

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