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November is Falls Prevention Month

The Prevention information You Need to Know
Falls. One of the leading causes for hospital visits for people of all ages throughout our Province. In 2017, Albertans visited the Emergency Room or an Urgent Care facility 154,004 times and 17,489 Alberta’s were hospitalized due to falls.

Falls can happen in your home, while playing your favourite sport, while chasing your babies/grandbabies around the house or the park, on vacation while your craning your neck to take in all the sights and sounds or if your like me… walking up the stairs.

While activity is key to healthy aging, so is falls prevention. There are several excellent resources the Golden Circle circulates through the community and with Falls Prevention Month kicking off in November, you can bet we will be sharing even more to our community to support active living and falls prevention.

Ms. Bonnie Lewis
Community Outreach Program Coordinator
Golden Circle Resource Centre

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