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Ozone Accelerates Healing

Have you ever noticed that after a thunderstorm the air has a poignant, fresh smell? This smell is ozone, a gas that is produced during natural circumstances. Ozone has the feel of being cleansed… and that is precisely what it does. It cleanses the atmosphere when nature produces it and similarly it cleanses our bodies when we are exposed to it. We don’t have to wait for nature to make ozone; modern technology can produce highly concentrated ozone for effective, accelerative healing of chronic, degenerative diseases because it operates at the foundation level of the body: the body’s cells. Ozone enhances circulation & provides an oxygen-rich environment for cellular & tissue regeneration. It can be applied to the body in a variety of ways to accelerate healing & eliminate the pain of many conditions including, arthritic joints & muscles, spinal, E/N/T, immune. Just like nature, ozone therapy enhances your vitality.

Dr. Sterling Desmond, Dr. TCM, R.Ac.

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