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Pet Health: Fleas

Fleas love fall weather, leaf litter, mulch piles, dark warm areas and our homes. They attach to our pets for ride into our warm and cozy houses.  Fleas are also avoiding frigid Winnipeg temperatures. A single adult female flea in her three week lifespan will lay fifty eggs a day, totalling approximately one million eggs.  In ideal conditions warm and humid (our homes), eggs will hatch in fourteen to twenty eight days, become adult in five to ten days, and begin laying eggs!!

Over the counter flea control products are pesticides, often ineffective, costly, toxic to cats, not environmentally safe and kill only the adult fleas. The safe and effective option is medication. The medication has no ill effects on our pets, easy to apply, odour free, and kill the entire flea life cycle. The medication is a simple once a month application. Contact your veterinarian and be flea free!

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