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Reflexology – More Than a Foot Rub!

Reflexology is an all-natural therapy that reduces pain, stress & tension in the body and can improve both circulation (cardiovascular & lymphatic) and elimination as well as promote homeostasis (balance and harmony) within all systems.
There are reflexes in the feet, hands and ears which are connected to every part, organ and gland through a subtle energy that flows through channels in the body. When there is discomfort from stress, trauma, injury or illness, blockages develop in these channels and the flow of energy becomes disrupted. By applying alternating pressure and rotation techniques to these reflexes, signals are sent via the nervous system that help to release these blockages, relax the body and balance the natural functioning of the related parts elsewhere in the body. It is a total ‘reboot and rebalance’!
Your Foot Reflexology session:
• You will be asked to fill out a simple health intake form that will determine if there is anything that may impact your session.
• Length of session is 45 to 60 minutes.
• You are in a relaxed, semi-reclined position in a zero-gravity chair or on a massage table.
• Only your socks and shoes are removed.
• Only the feet and lower legs are touched.
• Firm, gentle pressure is used on each reflex and on both feet to elicit a response within each system, however, pressure can be adjusted if there are any areas of tenderness.
• Water is offered at the end of your session as well as helpful techniques to use at home.
Treat your feet to a relaxing session soon and discover why people love this therapy!


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