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Spring – A Time for Metamorphosis and Change

The cocoon is a place where the butterfly spends its time getting ready to emerge and fly with new wings. The metamorphosis journey with its dark, warm environment embodies the mystery of the unknown and supports change to occur ever so gradually moving from one stage to another. Winter is our cocoon and spring is our opportunity to shed old habits, shift, release and transform ways that no longer work for us. With the new season I offer you a daily meditation to support the shifts you are making. Think of something you are ready to let go of. Imagine yourself in the safety of a dark comfortable cocoon rich with all the ingredients you need to make the changes you are wanting. You are fully supported and held and given full permission to transform and lighten with each breath you take. Your senses awaken giving you the strength to grow your wings so you can fly with ease and effortlessness.

D’Arcy Bruning-Haid

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