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If you have gotten “lucky” by ordering your eyeglasses online meaning you can actually wear them on your face and see through the lenses, good for you!  Unfortunately, luck has a LOT to do with it.


We take a huge risk when we can’t even try on our glasses first, and can’t hold them in our hands to feel every little creak.  Plus how do you actually measure your eyes? Taking the individual distances between them to a fraction of a millimetre can obviously be difficult,  and guessing at your optical centre height without the frame present is next to impossible!  Licensed opticians still make mistakes at taking pupil heights  when their patient is present, so I’m not exactly sure how late person is supposed to guess over a computer screen?


In addition to these challenges, virtually every lab returns a small percentage of eyeglasses that somehow slipped through the final check, and are made wrong.  This is why a reputable surfacing/edging Iab will check many times throughout the edging process by a different set of eyes, and your trusted optician will do a final check when the glasses arrive at their office.   But who checks out your Internet glasses? Who even makes them?


Fortunately today there are better choices!  Many licensed opticians have frames and lenses that are extremely well-priced and will even check or fix your internet glasses!  Call one today!
Christine Neustaeter, Eye GO Mobile Optical,

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