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Stress Management For Your Heart

Hypertension (high blood pressure) is one of the risk factors for heart disease. It is a long-term medical condition where the blood pressure in the arteries is persistently elevated.
You can help control or reduce hypertension in the areas of diet, exercise, weight, salt reduction, limiting alcohol & caffeine, not smoking and managing stress.
Many doctors include deep breathing and meditation in a stress management plan. Both Qigong and Reiki are excellent ‘tools’ for stress reduction. Slow, deep breathing and meditation are foundational to the practice of Qigong and the deep meditative state experienced while receiving Reiki brings deep relaxation, calm and peace to the body/mind.
The combination of movements and slow, deep and gentle breathing in Qigong helps the body & mind relax and release tension. Then, by focusing inward and replacing worries and negative thoughts with positive thoughts and emotions, a state of calm and peace is achieved that also positively affect the qi (energy) and blood circulation.
There have been a number of studies done worldwide on the benefits of Qigong for the heart. Overall, results show that practicing Qigong as a complement to medical treatment can help to improve blood pressure, heart and respiratory rates.
Reiki has been described as ‘spiritually-guided life force energy’ that has the ability to help balance our ‘energy’ on all levels – body, mind and spirit. In ‘matters of the heart’ it can also help to elevate the feelings of acceptance, love and compassion bringing with it an acceptance of the moment and a state of calm and peace that affects the whole person.
Studies have also been done with Reiki that have varying positive results depending on the focus of the study. With regard to the heart, Reiki as a complementary therapy can help to improve HRV (heart rate variability), mental state and quality of life (ie sleep, reduction in pain) especially after a heart attack and surgery. An example of one such study is found at:
February is Heart Month in Canada. What better time to do something new for your heart?!


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