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Welcome – Show & Tell

You want to be healthy, and the decision to entrust your wellbeing to professionals who care is significant. The health professionals in the Wellnessnews share a passion for helping you live your best life, today. Check out the exclusive monthly “Show & Tell” listing found at (Central AB communities) and @CentralAlbertaWellnessnews on Facebook to see the incredible wellness welcome offers they’re extending to Wellnessnews readers! Simply show them their ad to redeem their special BONUS to you. How? Just take this copy home with you or download and print the ad then…show and tell!

Offer & Condition (s) + Contact info    403.304.8252
FREE one month water supply with the purchase of the cooler and monthly water service through Aquae Vitae Ltd. Limit to first 10 Wellnessnews Readers. New clients only.
Innovation   587.273.4773
We can offer 20% off any cosmetic treatment. Limited to the first 10 Wellnessnews Readers and to new patients only.   403.396.6920
BONUS GIFT of Toxin Free Hand Soap with purchase
of a series of five (5) Ionic Cleanse Footbath sessions. Limited to first 5 Wellnessnews Readers. New clients only.  403.896.9255
Buy one, get one FREE. ($50 value) Limited to 5 offers total. Based on available supplies.   403.597.1594
Receive a FREE copy of Sally’s book “The Circle Club”, a journey of hope and healing when you register for and class. Limited to first 6 Wellnessnews Readers. Call Sally to register.   403.309.6333
Move in and save $2630.00 OFF your 6th month of residency! Available to the first 5 Wellnessnews Readers.
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