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Winter Wellness for Cats & Dogs 

With cooling temperatures, it can be hard to get your animals to stay outside to get enough exercise to maintain their health. Even with fur coats, temperatures that feel chilly to us do feel unpleasant for them. Due to more sedentary lifestyles in the winter months, companion animals are prone to weight gain, lethargy and aching joints. Some easy suggestions to combat these conditions include: Feed your animals smaller food portions. They may seem extra hungry at first but will surely adjust. If they are not burning calories with exercise, the calories can add up! There are also fun indoor methods of exercise that can be fun. Any exercise, even indoors, will burn calories, increase circulation and increase the morale of your animals.  Remember- your animal’s quality of life and longevity are important! Overweight animals are targets for early organ failure and arthritis. For a happy, healthy animal, make fitness and nutrition a priority!

Jill Saifer

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