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Feel the Love, Not Your Dentures

Valentine’s “month” is in full swing, and nothing gets in the way of feeling romantic quite like ill-fitting dentures. Properly made dentures will be aesthetically pleasing, look true to life, and operate in such a way that your Valentine shouldn’t notice. If you’ve been cleaning your dentures regularly and having annual checkups with your denturist you should have no reason to worry or to lack confidence. If you feel uncomfortable or think your dentures are the wrong size, go see your denturist. Getting your dentures fitted and lined correctly will help them feel more comfortable on the gum line.

Eating a Heart-Healthy Diet

When combined with other healthy habits, eating a heart-healthy diet can help you control blood pressure and blood sugar levels, maintain a healthy weight, and lower cholesterol. Focus on eating fewer trans fats (fried foods), saturated fats (processed foods), high-fat meats, processed meats and cheeses, and anything high in sugar or sodium. Eat more colourful veggies and fruits; high-quality proteins (such as poultry and fatty fish); healthy fats (such as avocados, olive oil, flax seeds, raw nuts, and fish oils); high-fibre pastas, breads, or cereals made from legumes or whole grains; eggs; and dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa).

Government Grant for Hip/Knee Replacements

Did you know that those with a prolonged disability or a medical condition that cause restrictions in daily activities can qualify for a $2,500 yearly credit, as well as a $25,000 Lump Sum Refund. Whatever the medical condition that cause you difficulties with walking, dressing, preparing food, hearing, sight, speech, etc, we have assisted thousands of Canadians get this credit and can help you get the money you deserve. For the most reliable service in Canada and the lowest fee, call Brett Scott 204-453-5372

How Is Your Cardiovascular Health?

Did you know that you can have cardiovascular disease without experiencing any symptoms? Many people are not diagnosed until the condition worsens to the point where they have angina, stroke, or heart failure: that’s why it is important to start taking steps towards a healthy heart and arteries today. A good screening test for early signs of disease is Digital Pulsewave Analysis (DPA). This Health Canada-approved, non-invasive method will show you how your cardiovascular system is working. This information can then be used to devise a specific program to improve your cardiovascular health before symptoms occur. Remember, what you don’t know CAN hurt you!

The Masculine in Relationship

We are born from a relationship and yet when it comes to being in a relationship, we struggle for connection. As boys we were taught to suppress our masculine nature. We learned that showing our feelings was unmanly. Nothing could be further from the truth. So, we moved through life with our coping mechanism of people pleasing. This manipulation perpetuated the pain we learned so long ago. But there is a way out. To learn how to embody the masculine in a2 relationship. To integrate the masculine and feminine into a powerful relationship that raises the level you show up as a man. Join us to learn more.

Igniting Your Passion

Awakening your tender heart opens your passion and life force, welcoming the juices that frees your soul to ~Pass-I-on ~ wherever you go & in whatever you do. Embodying and knowing that each breath matters; where we put our focus and attention, what we value and how we choose to spend our time is who we become. Take nothing for granted as you taste the many flavors of desire that energize your joy and pleasure. Swim in that pool each day, bathing yourself and igniting your fire that fuels your heart to thrive. Choose to become curious and impassioned with and by life.

Acupuncture for Neck Pain

Neck pain can be the result of joint wear from degenerative conditions like arthritis, nerve irritation from bone spurs or herniated discs, soft tissue strain from injuries such as whiplash, or myofascial pain syndrome referred pain. Along with options like heat and ice application, pain medication, physical therapy and stretching, etc., acupuncture can be an effective way to decrease neck pain and stiffness. This may be related to the release of endorphins, the body’s natural pain-killing chemicals, during acupuncture sessions. Acupuncture can also affect the part of the brain that controls mood, further assisting with relaxation and pain management.

Government Grant for Restrictions in Walking

With tax season upon us, it’s important to consider whether you are eligible for the disability credit. If you have had a prolonged disability due to a hip or knee condition or other medical conditions such as copd, diabetes, neuropathy, etc, that cause restrictions in walking or dressing, you may qualify for a $2,500 yearly credit, as well as a $25,000 Lump Sum Refund. We have assisted thousands of Canadians to get this credit and can help you get the money you deserve. For the most reliable service in Canada and the lowest fee, call Brett Scott 1-844-453-5372.

Food Cravings & What They Mean

Did you know that certain food cravings are associated with a nutrient deficiency? Craving salt equals a lack of trace minerals, craving sweets indicates a chromium deficiency, chocolate cravings mean a lack of magnesium, craving dairy and cheese indicates an essential fatty acids deficiency, and a red meat craving means you need iron and/or B12. When your body is lacking essential nutrients, it can lead to chemical imbalances which alter the pH of your tissues. Ignoring the reasons behind your cravings won’t change them and will not improve your overall health. Nutritional testing and precisely formulated nutraceuticals are the best way to find out what nutrients you are lacking, give your body what it really needs, and handle those unwanted cravings for good.

Importance of Vitamin D

With the darker winter months upon us, the sun’s rays are not strong enough for our bodies to produce sufficient Vitamin D. This is why Osteoporosis Canada recommends that most Canadian adults should take a daily vitamin D supplement. Vitamin D plays an essential role in bone health by facilitating the absorption of calcium. It also helps maintain muscles and reduce the risk of fractures caused by falls. Some studies have suggested that it may reduce the risk of certain diseases. Talk with one of our pharmacists about recommended doses or to learn more about other supplements, vitamins and minerals.

Spiritual Medium & Life Coach

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a spiritual medium as your life coach? Hailey Coleman’s experience as a psychic/medium and her background in counselling allow her to provide clients with accurate and powerful guidance and readings. From speaking to passed loved ones and personal spirit guides, to providing clarity on client situations, to monthly mentorship services, Hailey is happy to share her gifts with the world. Mentorships include weekly readings, one-on-one coaching, life guidance, and access to resources and your personal spirit guides to get the answers you’re looking for and the results you desire!