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Are you 55+ and looking for opportunities to stay active, meet new friends, and have fun? Good Neighbours Active Living Centre, 720 Henderson Highway, provides a variety of programs and services for older adults. You can learn about what we offer for free during our Open House Week, August 19 – 23, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm. This includes our fitness, creative arts, music and dance classes as well as our recreational opportunities. Our café, Hobnobs, will also be open, so you can enjoy a tasty lunch, snack or coffee at a great price. For more information call 204-669-1710 or visit our website at

Eat More Fibre!

Fibre has many health benefits. It normalizes bowel movements, helps maintain a healthy bowel, lowers cholesterol levels, helps control blood sugar levels, and aids in achieving a healthy weight. The best way to get fibre is from whole foods and whole-grain products including fruits, vegetables, beans/peas and other legumes, and nuts and seeds. You can also get fibre from supplements like Metamucil or foods with fibre added like granola bars, yogurt, and cereal. The daily recommendations for fibre intake are: 38 grams for men age 50 or younger, 30 grams for men age 51 or older, 25 grams for women age 50 or younger, and 21 grams for women age 51 or older.

Book Club: Why Can’t I Get Better?

Solving the Mystery of Lyme and Chronic Disease by Dr. Richard Horowitz. Lyme disease and its related conditions are incredibly complicated. Different patients can have completely different sets of symptoms. Through his years of working with more than 12,000 Lyme disease patients—many of whom had failed several treatments before they even came to see him—Dr. Horowitz has developed a way of looking at the complex factors that embody this disease.

Words To Live By

“Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michaelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.”
~ H. Jackson Brown Jr.

The Safe Alternative To Online Dating

Online dating can be exhausting, dangerous and demoralizing. Hours of searching profiles, followed by unsuccessful date after date can result in dating ‘burn out’. Furthermore, when it comes to online dating, you never know who you are really meeting. You have no idea about their actual age and relationship status, their true intentions or if they have a criminal history. Online dating can be extremely dangerous. This is why I recommend a professional matchmaker. An experienced matchmaker will introduce you to the right match, who is screened, and hand picked for you. Finding true love is important and hiring a matchmaker could be the best decision you ever make.

You Are Not Overweight, You Are Overacidic

Are you looking to achieve optimal health, all while shedding excess weight? Over-acidification of the body sets in motion a destructive cycle of imbalance, disease and obesity. Too much acid in the body robs the blood of oxygen, and without oxygen, the metabolism slows. Food digests more slowly, inducing weight gain and sluggishness, and worse still, causing the food to ferment. It is vital to balance your pH level by reducing your acidity through drinking good pure water, eating natural foods, and eliminating highly processed high sugar content foods.

Redox Signalling Molecules

“All disease begins with damaged cells.” Dr Gary Samuelson. PhD. Redox Signalling Molecules are native to our bodies. As we age production of these molecules slows down, resulting in aging skin, fatigue, disease, weight gain to name a few consequences. Increasing proper Redox Signalling Molecules in your body is the most important thing you can do for your health. Your body is the most complex communication network on earth. These molecules communicate with each other to repair or eradicate damaged cells for optimal healthy living. Isn’t it time for you to live your best life?

Spinal Manipulative Therapy

Spinal manipulation is a treatment technique that involves a high velocity, low amplitude thrust, which is performed by the practitioner on a joint segment of the patient’s spine. The treatment is often accompanied by an audible ‘pop’, which is a change in pressure within the synovial joint. Manipulations can be very helpful in providing pain relief to a specific injury, but the effects are short-lived. The long-term rehab plan for your pain/injury should focus on active-based programming such as exercise. The combination of manual therapy followed by exercise provides more permanent results and better patient outcomes. Ask your practitioner if this is right for you!

Digital vs Text Book?

Today’s students see themselves as digital natives, the first generation to grow up surrounded by technology like smartphones, tablets and e-readers. We’ve seen more investment in classroom technologies, with students now equipped with school-issued iPads and access to e-textbooks. The question is, do we learn better from printed books than digital versions? The answer from researchers is a qualified yes. Print books are tangible; the act of turning pages, dragging highlighters across information, and seeing progress has been shown to leave spatial impressions on your mind that help absorb content. And print books don’t have online distractions!

Fresh and Smoke-Free

Summer is here, blossoms are opening among lovely greens and the sun sets beautifully each night. Perhaps the peaceful calm of summer can coast beside you as make the move to quit smoking. Think of all the summery fun things you can do to keep yourself busy: Go to the lake, go fishing, spend time on the beach, or go to the zoo with yours kids or grandkids. With laughing children around every corner, why not get outside and enjoy the fresh festivities of summer this year. Your health matters. Fresh air is always better with a fresh start.

Stop Procrastinating When Looking for Love

So, you’ve tried online dating and found it’s not the right fit for you. That doesn’t mean your chances of finding your soulmate aren’t still there! Some people spawn the internet looking for a hookup and others have their confidence shattered because of the online games. A good matchmaker works with people who go through an integral interview process and criminal record check to show they are serious about their commitment to finding long-term love. Your time could be now. Maybe fate is waiting for you to take a step forward to meet your destiny. Why wait?