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Eating Smart

Eating right plays a major part in a senior’s quality of life. Some important dietary factors that should be considered include: Sodium – OK in moderation, as long as the foods are high-quality. Fats – Monitor saturated and trans fatty acids, and lean more towards monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids (like omega-3s). Carbohydrates – Spread carbohydrates throughout the day to manage blood sugar. Protein – Increase protein intake to maintain muscle mass. Fibre – Eat plenty of fibre and drink plenty of water. Sugar – Consume in moderation. Vitamin D – Consider taking a daily vitamin D3 supplement if sun exposure and dairy intake are limited.

Polar Bear Safari: November 7th 2021

Experience a one-day adventure to Churchill, to witness the magnificent polar bear in its natural environment. Each November, the bears migrate towards the coast of Hudson Bay in anticipation of the winter freeze, allowing them access to their favourite meal, the ring seal. Your adventure begins with a non-stop flight from Saskatoon with a naturalist onboard, who will provide valuable insights on this iconic mammal. Upon landing in Churchill, you will board a Tundra Buggy for a 5-6 hour guided excursion of polar bear country. A dinner flight back to Saskatoon, completes a captivating day in Canada.

Wellness Trivia Questions:

.1 More than half of your bones are located in which two parts of the body? 2. What is the scientific term for a disease that causes dizziness? 3. TRUE OR FALSE – The color orange is named after the fruit. 4. Woman’s ______ are faster than men’s? 5. Which blood type is considered a Universal Donor?

Norwex® Microfiber Body Cloth and More

September is Acne Awareness Month! The Norwex® Microfiber Body and Face ultra-soft Cloth cleanses your skin using only water! It feels amazing and is perfect for sensitive, delicate and/or mature skin. Can be used daily for cleansing and exfoliation, for healthy, vibrant, glowing skin. The Baclock® antibacterial agent inhibits bacterial odour and mold/mildew growth within the product. From yarn and dyes to trim and label, the standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® certify that Norwex’s microfiber is free from harmful substances! Add our Mediterranean Moisture Aloe Vera Face and Neck Gel to calm, soothe, hydrate and nourish your skin.

Business Spotlight: Solbrü

Whether you’re alcohol-free for the moment or done with alcohol completely, we’re honored to be your guide. Solbrü is building a community of like-minded people who support each other. We’ve crafted our nourishing elixirs to infuse your body, mind, and spirit with a potent blend of functional mushrooms and herbs that can elevate your mood, restore peak performance, and inspire connection. Together we can reduce the stigma of addiction through advocacy and innovation. So whether you’re “Sober Curious” or “Sober Serious,” I want Solbrü elixirs to help guide you back to health and achieve a deeper, more fulfilling life.

Product Review: Egret EO Sprayer

In an attempt to keep our surroundings free of bacteria and odours, we might use household cleaners that contain harsh chemicals and toxins that can aggravate health conditions. Egret Lab Canada’s Egret EO Sprayer is a patented cleaning generator that creates a natural, non-toxic cleaning solution called electrolyzed water. Also known as hypochlorous acid, electrolyzed water is created through the process of combining salt, water, and electricity. Research has shown that this natural cleaning solution removes 99.9% of many common germs, odours, and bacteria from surfaces, equipment and more, without the need for chemicals or toxins.

Dentures Jeopardizing Your Health?

Many people are not aware that by not making frequent visits to their Denturist Office (every 2-3 years), their overall oral health may be jeopardized making their denture wearing ability and comfort harder to achieve. Changes occur in both the bone structure and soft tissues of your mouth. Usually, a simple reline or rebase can refit the denture to the gums causing a more comfortable and tighter fit. However, between the 5-8 year mark, the actual denture teeth may be worn down enough to cause damage to your tempo mandibular joint from over closing. This over closing can also lead to cracking of the corners of the lips, aging of the face, or even headaches.

Tips for Improving Memory

Here are some easy ways you can help your loved one with dementia improve their memory: 1) Assemble a set of flash cards with simple pictures of common household objects on them. Ask the person to describe what’s on the card and how it might be used, or create a story using the pictures. 2) Help them get plenty of exercise, which can help dispel anxiety and depression, improve overall health, and contribute to clearer thinking. 3) Play simple and fun board or computer games to help keep their memory sharp and potentially help connect them to happy memories.

Great Local Events in September

In September check out the Broadway Street fair on September 11 2021. This is Broadway District’s largest event of the year. The fair has an eclectic array of street performers, vendors, artists, musicians and dancers. There is no admission for this event and is a great chance for seniors to get out and see some of the local talent and vendors.
As well be sure to check out the Nutrien Fireworks Festival again this year. It runs September 3rd and 4th. Firework displays can be viewed in person or online with no admission.

September is Arthritis Awareness Month

According to Stats Canada over 37% of Canadians over the age of 20 have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, mainly affecting hips and knees. This is the wear and tear condition due to breakdown of cartilage between the joints leading to pain and stiffness. Along with typical Naturopathic treatments, another beneficial treatment modality is Cold Laser, which uses light wavelengths to stimulate new energy production leading to restoration of normal function by increasing blood flow, nervous stimulation, and new cell growth. These treatments are non-invasive, painless and can be done a few times a week to stimulate that healing process.

30-Day Online Fitness Challenge

When striving to reach a fitness and/or weight loss goal, there’s nothing more powerful than a timely, focused 30-day challenge that offers you step-by-step daily activity checklists and a high level of accountability to your coach and fellow participants to keep you on track. With the right eating and training program, and the right platform to gather virtually, you have all the key ingredients for a powerful, results-producing 30-day challenge not just for weight loss, but also for better physical and mental health. For more information, check out the 30-Day September Slim Down Challenge offered by ReDefine Health & Fitness!