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How is Stress Affecting You

Stress is unpleasant, even when it is transient. Stressors such as work, relationships, finances etc. stimulate the Sympathetic Nervous System (or fight-and-flight response) in your body, and over time and continuation cause negative effects to the affected areas (lack of sleep, digestive issues, high blood pressure, reproductive complications, etc.). The areas or systems of your body that are most affected by stress are:  Brain and Nerves, Muscles and Joints, Cardiovascular System, Stomach and Intestines, Pancreas and Reproductive System. Reflexology stimulates the Parasympathetic Nervous System (or rest-and-renew response) in your body, allowing your body functions to normalize naturally, resulting in: Longer, deeper sleep, an increase in digestive function, lowered blood pressure, reversal of reproductive complications, etc. Other ways to reduce stress naturally and improve your overall mental and physical health are small daily doses of physical exercise, daily meditation, deep breathing exercises and massage therapy.

Gloria Laing,

Yoga – Where Do I Begin? 

Starting anything new may take a leap of courage. Thankfully, if it’s yoga, most studios have offers in place to make the path of the beginner an easier one. It’s not uncommon to find some sort of introductory offer that gives you a chance to try a number of classes at a reduced rate. Over the course of this offer you can get a feel for what’s working for your body and in your schedule. If you’re feeling self-conscious and not ready to jump right in to group classes you might be more comfortable with a different approach. Look for an intro series or classes geared specifically to absolute beginners, or consider booking a private session with a teacher to show you how to move safely in and out of poses. However you begin, you can start right where you are and feel supported in this new exploration of self.

Susan Turner,

What is Flower Essence Therapy?

Flower and Tree Essences have been around for over 85 years but most people aren’t familiar with them.  Dr. Bach was the first to work with essences and now there are hundreds of essence makers and companies such as FES, Alaskan, Pacific, Canadian Forest, Australian Bush, Healing Herb to name a few.  The essences are taken orally from a dropper bottle or with water several times a day.  The essences are a support system and help us move through our emotions like anger, anxiety, depression, fears, over-thinking, grief, life changes, resentment and so on.  The essences are vibrational energy medicine and with most of us dealing with stress and changes in our lives, it is an alternative therapy that is worth looking into to help us move through situations when we get stuck emotionally.

Rositha Jeanson,

Clean Eating: Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Cauliflower is a great low-carb substitute for crusts, breads, and more! Here’s the cauliflower pizza crust recipe everyone is buzzing about!


1 head cauliflower

½ cup shredded mozzarella

1/4 cup grated parmesan

½ tsp dried oregano

½ tsp kosher salt

¼ tsp garlic powder

2 eggs lightly beaten

Directions: Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Break cauliflower into florets and pulse in food processor until fine. Steam cauliflower and drain well. In a bowl, combine with all ingredients. Transfer to baking sheet and bake for 20 minutes. Add your favorite pizza toppings and bake for an additional 10 minutes. Enjoy!

Garcinia Cambogia Fruit

An incredibly efficient fat burning ingredient, Garcinia Cambogia has received much media attention for it’s effect on weight loss and food consumption control. This pure ingredient is 100% natural; it is sometimes referred to as Tamarind, and it grows primarily in the lush green mountains of India, southeast Asia as well as in Central Africa. Its primary ingredient is the dietary super supplement known as HCA, which is proven in scientific studies to stop hunger in its tracks. The tamarind fruit has traditionally been used in soups as appetizers before meals, because of the smaller portion sizes due to limited amount of food. It’s appetite suppression qualities helped make villagers feel more full (satiety) and the fruit would increase the workers’ fat burning skills (thermogenesis) providing an increase in energy and productivity.

Greg and Bridget Doll,

What About Yoga?

Has someone suggested that you try yoga and you wonder what it’s all about? If you ask 20 different people what “yoga” is, you may get 20 different answers. This is because there are many different types of yoga and each may have a different emphasis. Are you looking for fitness, flexibility, stress release, or pain relief? Yoga can help with all of those things. It is sometimes physical and vigorous and at other times slow and gentle. Whatever type of class you choose, the key elements will be a focus on the breath and an awareness of what you are feeling in your body. Flexibility is not required, but an open mind and a willingness to listen to your body is! Yoga is a wonderful opportunity to connect with yourself and, if you can breathe, you can do yoga!

Susan Turner,

9 Steps for Sinus Acupressure

In the midst of sinus season, you can help calm/drain angry sinus cavities by doing some simple sinus acupressure massage:

1. Using your thumb or index fingers, find the most sensitive area  and repeat this massage multiple times daily with medium pressure so you get that “good hurt” feeling.

2. At the base of the skull – find the tightest spot and press for 20 seconds, rocking your head chin down, chin up 3-4 inches while pressing against your thumbs or other fingertips.

3. At the side of the nostrils – press and make small circles 10 times.

4. At the sides of the nose – press and make small circles 10 times.

5. At the medial eyebrows – press and make small circles 10 times.

6. Above the middle of the eyebrows – press and make small circles 10 times.

8. At the temples – press and make small circles 10 times.

9. At the maxillary sinus which is below the eyes – press and make small circles 10 times.

Gloria Laing,

L-Carnitine & Chromium

L-Carnitine with Chromium is a blend of two nutrients that play important roles in the metabolism of fat. L-Carnitine is required for the breakdown of fats into energy, while chromium supports healthy glucose metabolism. Its main function is to help insulin carry sugar into muscle cells where it is stored as energy. A lack of chromium could cause fluctuating blood-sugar levels which trigger sugar cravings. As a carbohydrate dependent society, increasing the amount of L-Carnitine & Chromium in our diet in our formula’s proportions will assist the body’s ability to manage its carbohydrate cravings and, in turn, assist with a successful weight management protocol.

Brett & Andrea Griffin,

8 Ways to Radiant Skin

1) From the holistic perspective, feeding yourself quality ingredients is the way to look and feel your best.

2) Talk nice to yourself. You are already a beautiful creature! When you know this from the heart, it shows on your skin. That kind of confidence cannot be bought.

3) Get to know yourself spiritually, you are part of limitless potential and you can do whatever your heart desires.

4) Believe in who you are.

5) Feed yourself with good books, music and loved ones.

6) Go into nature and take deep breaths. Sit and breathe, walk your dog and breath, ski and breath, do something to calm the mind and get oxygen into the body.

7) Take time for you.

8) Eat healthy, get exercise, and do not over do anything.

Lori Cohen, Optima Organics,

Clean Eating: Quinoa “Breaded” Chicken Strips 

Ingredients: (Use organic products)

3-4 boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut into strips
⅔ cup flour
1 tsp sea salt + ¼ tsp pepper
3 eggs + 2 Tbsp water
2 cups cooked quinoa


Preheat oven to 425 degrees and grease a baking sheet with Coconut Oil or Butter. In a small bowl whisk flour, salt, and pepper. In a second bowl whisk eggs and water. Place quinoa in a third bowl. Dredge chicken in flour mixture, then eggs, and lastly in the quinoa being sure to coat well.  Bake for 20 minutes until chicken is cooked. Serve with your favorite healthy dipping sauces!

“Light” Through Your Hands

I once read that humans were the only species who could pass “light” through their hands. Reiki is a technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen life force flows through us. If one’s life force energy is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress and, if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that courses through and around you. Reiki treats the whole person including body, mind and spirit, creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace. Reiki is a simple, safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that anyone can use. It has been effective in helping virtually every known illness and always creates a beneficial effect. It also works in conjunction with medicine to relieve side effects and promote recovery.