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Complex Health Issues need Complex Care

Complex Care that provides medically complex and specialized services is much needed in the community. This type of care is essential for individuals suffering from many chronic health issues and functional limitations. If you or your loved one is physically dependant with medical needs that require professional nursing care, it is time to look for a planned program that will retain or improve functional ability. When choosing complex care for a loved one, it is important to maintain their quality of life. Look for one with comfortable living space and an individual care plan with 24 hour support in place.

Are you Gambling Literate?

Being Gambling Literate goes beyond setting an entertainment budget to play games of chance such as lotteries, bingo, slots, cards or online poker. Gambling literacy, in the big picture, includes the ability to see its impact on the health and wellbeing of individuals, families, communities and societies. On a personal level, gambling literacy invites us to develop personal and social skills to manage our behaviour and choices related to gambling. Gambling literacy involves more than winning or losing on a game of chance: It speaks to our complex relationships with money, skill and chance. Gambling is not a problem; it is our relationship to it that might be.

Drink up!

Many times, feeling unwell can be attributed to dehydration. It is like forgetting to put oil in your engine. You know what happens to a car if it does not have oil in it! To help your body to assimilate a Bowen treatment, both before and after, we encourage drinking water. Individuals who drink a lot of water will generally have more energy, be less likely to get sick, have better digestion, fewer aches and pains, nice skin and be in a better mood! Who doesn’t want this … and the best part of all? WATER IS FREE! Drink up friends!

Back to work/school?

Has your body rebelled by giving you a headache? Is your daily routine causing you a big pain in the neck? A simple frontal headache may be the result of overindulgence in food. Occipital headaches (back of the head) are frequently the result of upper back or neck tension. Do you react to stress by unconsciously tensing your muscles thus causing a headache? Acupuncture has the solution. The treatment protocol varies according to the presumed cause and duration of the headache. You may also find that gentle stretching as practiced by simple Hatha Yoga or Tai Chi and a liberal dose of fresh air will aid your health in general.

Volunteering is Good for Your Health

“You get as much out of it as you put into it”. That is how one SOS volunteer recently described her volunteer experience, adding that she looked forward to her volunteer shift every week. She’s not alone. Research has consistently found mental and physical health benefits are associated with volunteering. Volunteer Canada reports some findings on its website. One study states that volunteering lowers rates of stress, anxiety and depression. Another says it keeps your brain sharp, active and healthy, and yet another suggests that volunteering is one of the most empowering activities, as it focuses on the strengths of the individual.

Urban Poling Your Way to Better Health

Evidence based research relating to older adults identify Urban poling (Nordic walking), with the proper training, as a healthy activity suited for improving quality of life. Proven benefits include increased balance & stability, increase in mobility and improved strength. A 2011 study on Nordic walking with Parkinson’s clients found pain, balance and health related quality of life were improved. If it has been suggested to you that you need a cane but the stigma of a cane is not for you, why not try Urban poles. They are sporty, fun, easy to use and facilitate a more fluid gait.

D’Arcy Boulton, Registered Physiotherapist,

Can Hypnotherapy Help with My Anxiety?

Hypnotherapy is a therapy that uses your subconscious mind to correct imbalanced thinking. By removing negative limiting beliefs, it can help you move forward with your life in a positive way. When other forms of therapy have been unsuccessful, many clients find hypnotherapy to be the key for lifelong change. Hypnotherapy can be an effective treatment in reducing feelings of anxiety by changing the individual’s thoughts and feelings associated with it. Hypnotherapy can also help with many other issues including depression, disordered eating, anger issues and understanding your life’s purpose.

Germana Rovinelli, Cert. Clinical Hypnotherapist,

Dementia Affects 45 Million People Globally

What is Dementia?

Dementia is a collection of signs and symptoms from dozens of conditions. One of these, Alzheimer’s, accounts for 70% of all dementias; usually in people over 65 years of age. Each disease affects specific types of cells in particular parts of the brain at different stages and presents differently in each individual. Dementia is most common with aging; 90-95% of people affected are over 65. 30-40% of the cases of dementia have genetic risk factors. Quality of life for people affected is greatly increased by having access to specialized services and programs.

Lianne Ketcheson, Nanaimo Memory and Complex Care,

I Want to Ride My Bicycle!

Riding a bicycle has many health benefits. Getting outside, taking deep breaths of fresh air and feeling the rhythm of your legs are all so good for you. Bicycling on a regular basis has been shown to improve heart health, muscle and bone strength, joint flexibility and reduce stress. An electric bike makes all of these benefits more accessible. The power assistance eliminates stress on your knees and hips and allows you to use as much of your own energy as you like. Hills become easy-peasy and barriers to riding disappear. You get more exercise because it’s so much fun you’ll want to ride it everywhere.

Ruby Berry, Pedego Electric Bikes,

Do You Suffer with a Drop-Foot?

There are many causes of drop-foot ranging from a nerve injury to a stroke. Essentially a drop foot is the inability to lift ones foot up. It is most obvious when your leg is in swing while walking. Toe drag is a common sign. This problem commonly goes undiagnosed leaving people with a high risk of tripping and falling. While treating the underlying cause proves difficult, there is an easy solution to improve your walking. An AFO (Ankle-foot-orthosis) is a brace that spans your foot and travels upward behind the calf muscle. When worn with a shoe, the brace will prevent drop foot and allow one to walk safely heel to toe as they once did. AFOs come in many variations depending on specific needs, it is therefore important to ask your doctor and seek a referral to a Certified Orthotist for a consultation.

B.D. Mitchell Prosthetics and Orthotics,

Wildfire Smoke Inhalation & Respiratory Infections

The effects of wildfire smoke inhalation can manifest weeks and/or months after our skies have cleared in the form of chronic colds, flu and upper respiratory infections. Inhalation ozonide therapy is good for any acute upper respiratory infection, such as sinus infections, bronchitis, flu, colds, and viral pneumonias. Both asthmatics and patients with chronic lung disease can use it. Ozone gas is bubbled through olive oil to the inhaler which turns it into ozonides molecules and is completely safe to inhale. The ozonides can last for weeks in the human body and have an incredible regenerative effect on our cells and organs. They increase the delivery of oxygen to the cells, which is critical for lung conditions. Then they stimulate the cells to generate more energy and that is the key to the vitality we all want to feel, in each breath.

Dr. Sterling Desmond, TCM, R.Ac.,