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Socks for Many Reasons

Socks are a creative way to express your personality and style like our prime minister with his maple leaf socks. Many of us choose our socks by appearance not realizing that there are many health benefits to wearing the right socks. Socks with antibacterial properties help prevent odors and fight germs and fungus. Socks can also prevent foot pain by protecting feet from the environment and if you wear them to bed, can help you fall asleep more easily. Today there are socks available that not only keep your feet warm, but may also offer general pain relief, more energy and increased balance and stability.

Senior Summer Safety Tips

Skin cancer is one of the most common and preventable forms of cancer. Apply SPF of at least 30 to 50—every two to four hours you are outdoors or riding in a car. Routinely wearing a quality pair of sunglasses protects the eyes from cataracts, a condition common among older adults. Look for a pair with a label showing they block 100% of UVA and UVB rays. As we grow older, the body doesn’t adjust to changes in temperature and humidity as quickly as in younger days. This puts seniors at higher risk for dehydration and sun-related illnesses, like heat stroke – so make sure to keep hydrated!

Time to Celebrate Women

The Women’s Expo is all about empowerment, wellbeing, pampering, fashion, friends and fun. It is a real celebration of Women complete with wall-to-wall carpets and chandeliers. Lots of great things to explore at the Women’s Expo with over 100 exhibitors showcasing their products and services. The 4th Annual Women’s Expo features wellness seminars, demonstrations, shopping, prizes and fashion shows. The Expo is FREE to attend. Plan to be at the largest Women’s Expo on Vancouver Island taking place in Nanaimo on September 23 and 24th. See the Expo website for Exhibitor Opportunities and information.

Blockchain and Online Gambling

Blockchain is a method of tracking transactions using a public, globally-distributed ledger. It is most commonly used for cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin. Blockchain automatically and securely keeps a historical record, or ledger, of all transactions; working across a network of computers, cryptocurrencies can operate without a central authority. It is already revolutionizing online gambling and is now emerging in video games. For example, an emerging trend in gaming culture is the integration of cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFTs allow blockchain to issue one-of-a-kind digital assets with unique attributes, meaning that players can acquire securely stored in-game assets. (Source: IntentaDigital

The Path to a Fulfilling Career

Looking for work can be overwhelming enough, especially if you are currently out of a job and have bills and family demands pulling at you in all directions. This search for employment often causes confusion and struggle for many people, leading to less than satisfactory decisions fueled by desperation. So how can you use your time and energy wisely, along with making career choices that drive you forward rather that creating even more difficult situations, job fatigue, and depression? When looking inward at your skills, interests, values, and personal style coupled with information from formal assessments, a true picture of your self will start to emerge, and a path to a fulfilling career will become even more clear.

Strengthen Your Body with Pilates

If you suffer from lower back pain, work with your Pilates instructor to strengthen your abs and your glutes. Back pain can often mean that your back is overcompensating for weakness in your abs and bum. Once these become stronger, using mat Pilates or Pilates equipment, you take the stress off of your back. Strong abs and glutes also help improve your balance and make it easier for you to catch yourself if you trip or stumble. Strong muscles help your body to relax and ease itself out of fight or flight mode.

Tips for Finding a Good Audiologist

Hearing or balance problems can be uncomfortable to experience when you don’t know what is happening. The uncertainty and fear are one of the worst parts of wondering if there is a solution or if it might be a serious problem.

That is why it’s important to find an audiologist that you can trust will have your best interests at heart.

Use this guide to navigate finding a good audiologist that’s experienced, possesses good qualities that make you feel comfortable, and is the right fit for you. It’s essential

for finding the right diagnosis and long-term solutions to improve your quality of life.

What is an audiologist?

An audiologist is an expert with a vast amount of training, knowledge, and tools needed to diagnose and treat patients of all ages with varying levels of hearing loss.

Using advanced technology and tests to understand the cause of a patient’s hearing problem, if it’s permanent or curable, and its severity, audiologists work with them to determine the best course of treatment.

They can help or assess tinnitus, balance disorders, Hyperacusis and Misophonia as well as drastically improve your hearing with hearing aids and other assistive listening devices.

Typically, once a patient’s hearing tests are completed and it’s determined that assistive technology is needed for treatment, audiologists recommend the best hearing aids based on their unique needs, lifestyle, and prescription.

Audiologists program the hearing aids to align with their patient’s preferences and prescription and teach them how to properly care for their new technology. Several follow-up appointments are often scheduled to ensure the patient likes how the hearing aids sound, fit, and function. This time is also used to provide much-needed support, troubleshoot any areas of struggle and answer questions.

Good audiologists put time and effort into ensuring each patient’s experience with hearing aids is positive, they follow up, build a relationship and continue to provide excellent hearing care.

You want to ensure that you find an audiologist who is experienced, has the skill to provide effective solutions for your unique situation, and can answer your questions. It’s even more useful if they are up to date on industry insight from new or upcoming technology or findings from studies.

What Credentials Does an Audiologist Hold?

Many audiologists have their Master of Science in Audiology (M.Sc.), Registered Hearing Instrument Practitioner (RHIP), Registered Audiologist with the College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals of BC (RAUD), and in some cases, further education.

In Canada, regulations require an audiologist to hold a Master’s degree or a doctorate in audiology. BC further regulates audiologists by requiring them to be registered with the College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals of BC (CSHBC) in order to practice and provide services.

We recommend visiting the CSHBC website’s public register to confirm the audiologists you’re researching are in good standing with the College and have obtained the proper certifications.

Are there qualities I should look for?

Getting hearing aids can be an overwhelming process for individuals, especially those who have never used them before. An audiologist who is understanding, knowledgeable, and dedicated to helping you get the best hearing experience possible can make the process much more enjoyable.

Trustworthiness is one of the most important qualities needed for a good relationship and outcome. You need to be able to trust that your audiologist and clinic are committed to providing the best treatment care and outcome, as well as listening to your concerns, needs, and goals for your hearing.

Audiologists that are also genuine, empathetic, and compassionate towards the struggles you face and comfort levels throughout the process are able to provide outstanding care.

In addition, good audiologists tailor the experience to each patient and provide ongoing support. If you are feeling nervous or hesitant, finding an audiologist who is happy to move at a pace you are most comfortable with is incredibly helpful.

“I always tell patients that the journey doesn’t end at the hearing aid fitting. We are here to help them for as long as they need,” says Stephanie Sykes, audiologist and clinic owner of NexGen Hearing Penticton and Summerland BC.

We recommend looking for these qualities when meeting with audiologists. Do they give you the time you need? Are they compassionate? Do you trust that they have your best interests at heart?

Most people can recognize whether an audiologist is genuine or ingenuine from the first meeting or through word of mouth. Ensure you feel comfortable working with them and that they care about your wellbeing.

What do other people say about them?

It is good practice to see what other people are saying about the audiologists you are looking into.

If there are people in your life who have hearing loss and have received service from an audiologist, consider asking for their opinion. Learning about a trusted friend’s experience with an audiologist is a good indicator of whether or not you should take the next step and book an appointment.

Many patients leave honest, online reviews for clinics and audiologists. With a critical eye, read through the messages left by current or past patients who have similar needs to learn about their experiences.

You can also browse a hearing clinic’s website for more information on the services provided, their guiding principles on patient care, biographies about audiologists, and more. It’s a good way to get to know the hearing clinic and its team members better before pursuing its services.

Are you looking for a good audiologist?

Most individuals don’t pursue treatment for hearing loss until about 5 years after a diagnosis. Living with untreated hearing loss can pose a variety of risks such as mental fatigue, poor emotional wellbeing, and dangerous falls.

It’s very important to seek treatment for a better quality of life, but it’s just as crucial to choose a good audiologist who will provide excellent treatment and a positive experience.

Audiologists and hearing professionals at NexGen Hearing are passionate, dedicated, and experienced. They are here to support you on your journey to better hearing and help you experience an improved quality of life through exceptional care.

At NexGen Hearing, appointments, hearing aid supplies, and minor repairs are free of charge because every patient is valued and welcomed for as long as they need.

Patients are welcomed at over 45 clinics in the BC Interior, Lower Mainland, and Vancouver Island. To find a clinic near you and book an appointment, click here or call 1-877-606-6671.

Enjoy Our Amazing Summer

Summer heat has arrived! This is a great time to enjoy the outdoors and take in a baseball game or two. Check out the Wellness Hub, your local, online Health and Wellness resource for information that can help you make the most out of summer. It features hundreds of health tips and articles along with a directory of local businesses and practitioners offering services and products. Our health and wellness resources also include our printed newsletters, the “Wellness Wednesday” radio show and our Expos. Check out the Hub for more information and to enter our August contest.

Suffering from Lower Back Pain?

Lower back pain is very common in people who are inactive or do a lot of sitting at their job. There are a number of ways to treat low back pain including spinal decompression exercises, core strengthening and body weight balance work. Decompression of your spinal discs helps reduce pain and inflammation in your body. Core strengthening exercises such as planks, sit-ups and fitness ball exercises are also beneficial. It is very important to do these exercises correctly so please consult a qualified exercise therapist before starting a new exercise routine. We can help.

Health Fun Facts

Fantastic facts about the human body – we are truly awesome: *Every square inch of human skin consists of twenty-five feet of blood vessels. *A cough releases an explosive charge of air that moves at speeds up to 60mph. *Your body uses 300 muscles to balance itself while standing still. *The eye of a human can distinguish between 500 shades of gray. *The width of your arm span stretched out is equal to the length of your whole body.