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How Do I Convince My Spouse to Get a Hearing Test?

In all my years as a hearing health care professional, this is one of the most common and difficult questions to answer. The vast majority of people living with hearing loss are either unaware of their hearing difficulties or do not fully realize the extent of their hearing loss. The number one reason prompting people to get their hearing checked is family members who have grown frustrated living with someone who has hearing loss. Unfortunately, there are many husbands and wives who resist and persist! It’s often a very sensitive topic for retired couples spending so much time together.

When someone has mild-to-moderate hearing loss, typically they will hear relatively well if you are talking to them face-to-face in a quiet environment but will not hear well if you are walking away from them, are in a different room, or if there is some other noise that is interfering with your voice. The hearing-impaired individual will quite often say, “How can I hear you when you’re talking into the fridge?” or “How can you expect to be heard when you talk so softly?” Repeatedly asking others to “please say it again” is a strong indicator that some form of hearing loss exists.

Unfortunately, trying to convince someone that the reason they keep asking people to repeat themselves is because their hearing ability is at fault can seem impossible at times. Don’t give up! It can take a few years for people to accept the fact that their hearing is deteriorating, and they need hearing aids. People may find it difficult in part due to the lingering stigma that wearing hearing aids is effectively admitting you’re “getting old”. Ironically, the symptoms of hearing loss become more prominent and obvious when hearing aids are not used, drawing people to that precise conclusion. Today’s technology allows for the discreet use of hearing aids.

What I suggest is to lovingly explain to your husband or wife that you are growing increasingly frustrated with having to repeat yourself as frequently as you are. Then, let them know that for a one-week period, you are going to notate every time you need to repeat yourself. I would also set the volume on the TV to a certain level, and then track the number of times they need to increase the volume so they can comfortably hear. After 7 days, discuss the results, and gently encourage them to get a hearing assessment, even if it is just to get a baseline of their hearing. You may be fearful that you are nagging them, but you will be doing yourself and them a big favour in the long run.

When they are finally ready to come in for a complimentary hearing assessment, the hearing health professionals at NexGen Hearing will be ready to answer any question or concerns they may have. Learn more or book an appointment today by vising

Be Kind to Yourself

Silencing your inner critic takes time and practice, especially if yours has been taking centre stage. Maryse Cardin, author and motivational speaker from, talks about how it is important to stop and take notice of what we are telling our selves. Is what you’re saying encouraging, complimentary or something you would say to your loved ones? If not, it’s time to turn the station and “switch the song”. Remember a happy time in your life. A time that fills you with joy. Maryse indicates that when we stop catastrophizing, and instead tell ourselves what we are grateful for, we can sooth our systems.

Online Health and Wellness Resource

Wellnessnews Choices for Healthy Living® invites you to check out the Wellness Hub, your online Health and Wellness resource for Vancouver Island. The Wellness Hub features hundreds of local business and practitioners offering services and products. In addition, there are hundreds of health tips and articles on a variety of topics. It is easy to search, access and share information. There are currently a few events listed and we are hoping that soon it will be filled with local community events. While you are checking out the Wellness Hub, don’t forget to enter the October Contest. The draw date is October 31, 2021.

Helping Seniors Eat Healthy

Seniors need to get adequate nutrients from their meals to help them reduce the risk of serious health conditions, stabilize their mood, and maintain their mental health. Retirement communities help meet seniors’ nutrition needs by providing meals that are low in saturated fats and have moderate amounts of unsaturated fat, which promotes a stable body mass index (BMI) and metabolism. Healthy portion sizes support a healthy weight for older adults by preventing excessive calorie intake. If you or a loved one have questions about proper nutrition and eating habits for seniors, reach out to your care provider or retirement community.

Product Profile: VoxxLife Wearable Technology

Over the past four years, Great Socks for All has introduced pain relief and enhanced balance to the people on Vancouver Island. A Canadian, searching for drug free pain relief for his mother’s MS symptoms, spent several years and millions of dollars analysing brainstem functionality and the peripheral nervous system. The result of the research is a very specific sequence and pattern of neuroreceptor activation on the bottom of the feet. This pattern is incorporated into VOXXLife socks and insoles. Benefits include enhanced pain relief and management, especially PDN pain, enhanced postural stability and balance, improved mobility and higher energy levels.

Pleasure is your Birthright

We are designed to experience pleasure. We have an entire nervous system offering unlimited pathways to pleasure. Pleasure is healing, creating feel good emotions and hormones, and encourages human connection. Pleasure directly impacts our nervous system, shaping us, guiding us into calming and grounding, awakening and enlivening. Sometimes life experiences have us living in fight/flight/freeze/appease. Some of us have a hard time getting aroused at all, waking up and enlivening our body. Pleasure has inherent value, and is revolutionary in a world where doing and achievement are the focus. Life begins here, with touch, with Pleasure. I invite you to learn with me.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

With the days becoming shorter and the weather shifting, it’s common for a lot of people to feel the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Have you noticed a difference in your loved one’s mood, sleep patterns, appetite or energy levels? SAD can be isolating and can result in withdrawal from regularly loved activities. Fortunately, exercise, diet and just being there for someone can help offset the symptoms of SAD. Care & Company has many wonderful companions who can help with your loved ones as they face the challenges of SAD and are able to take them out, cook them a meal or just sit with them to brighten their day.

Maximizing Your Retirement

Are you getting the most out of your retirement? Many retirees feel stuck, afraid to make decisions that will have an impact on their finances due to uncertainty around affordability during retirement.
In working with our clients, we develop a cohesive Total Wealth Plan, test boundaries and help clients build confidence around their retirement and finances.
Book a free consultation with our team to learn more about your financial capabilities and make decisions with confidence!

Are you suffering from Gum Disease?

Are your gums sensitive? Bleed when you floss or brush? You could be suffering from gum disease which is more serious to your health than you think. Gum disease has been linked to strokes, diabetes, heart disease and even dementia. Bacteria around your gums causes plaque to build up leading to inflammation. That inflammation impacts the bloodstream which is believed to damage blood vessels overtime. Gum disease has also been linked to problems in pregnancy leading to premature births and low birth weights. 50% of that plaque causing bacteria is on your tongue! So, brush your teeth AND tongue.

Good Posture is Important

Growing up, most of us heard our mother tell us not to slouch and “Sit up straight”. This was very good advice. A proper posture position keeps your body in alignment. Proper posture decreases the wear and tear of joint surfaces, you have less stress on your ligaments and also makes it easier for your muscles to work efficiently. With good posture, you will have less muscle strain and less back pain. A spine has three natural curves that are retained by good posture. A chiropractor can help you retain or regain the natural curves of the spine which will result in good posture and better overall back health.

The Canadian Lower Risk Gambling Guidelines

The Canadian Lower Risk Gambling Guidelines were released in September. They include. Guideline 1: Gamble no more than 1% of household income, e.g.: $60,000 annual gross income = $50/month. Guideline 2: Gamble no more than 4 days per month = roughly once a week. Guideline 3: Avoid regularly gambling at more than two types of games, including lotteries, sports betting, table games, slot machines, scratch tickets, horse racing, bingo, video lottery terminals (VLTs), and online gambling. See more at . Mental health & addictions, gambling type and reasons for gambling can make these guidelines difficult to follow. Reach out at VI Gaming Support! We’re here for you!