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Teachings From Nature

Trees teach us how to live our lives with resilience. When we turn to the trees as our teachers watching how they grow and transform, they can teach us how to live our lives with resilience. They remind us of the importance of being grounded and rooted, fully planted deep beneath our feet into the earth. Their roots connected with other like-minded roots and souls as a foundation to draw upon. Our trunk solid like the oak or flexible like the Willow allows us to adapt and shift to the demands of unforeseen changes around us. Resilient when storms or branches break, finding creative ways to re-emerge or work around. Their branches wide open with leaves creating a canopy of growth, shelter a pathway of expansion to receive. Then they shed, release and begin a new cycle once again.

End the Self-Sabotage

Did you know your unconscious mind could be keeping you from having what you truly want in your life, and could even be sabotaging your best efforts? Most of us don’t realize that we make commitments to ourselves other than the ones we’re consciously aware of. These unconscious commitments fuel your thoughts and behaviours, and create your reality. They are what creates the gap between what you say you want and what you are actually experiencing. For example, when you were young, you experienced a difficult situation and didn’t know how to process it. You made a decision (consciously or unconsciously) to make it mean something about you or the world around you. This formed a belief as a coping mechanism and your mind believed it was necessary for survival. Maybe it’s “I’ll stay quiet so I won’t seem stupid” or “Good girls do what they’re told”. Even though these beliefs and decisions are old, they have stuck with you, been reinforced over time and prevent you from having the things you truly desire. Ready to expose and erase those unconscious commitments and choose new ones? This is the powerful work we do in the Shine True programs.

Lesley Steppler RHN, BSW, RSW | Shine True Wellness

Seniors’ Week June 5-11

Every June, Seniors’ Week is observed in Alberta and it is an opportunity for Albertans to show appreciation for our seniors and all that they contribute to our province and our individual communities to enhance the quality of life in Alberta. Seniors’ Week was inspired by the vision of the late Alice Modin. More than 30 years ago, she began a campaign to start a seniors’ day in Strathcona County that helped pave the way for Seniors’ Week to be celebrated across the Province!
Seniors Week 2023 is June 5 through 11 and the overall theme for this year is “Celebrating Seniors”. At the Golden Circle we are excited to be able to do just that with a week packed full of food, entertainment, and celebration here at the Golden Circle located at 4620 47A Avenue in Red Deer! Register for daily meals or buy a weekly pass at Reception for just $40 to eat all week, for a savings of $10.00!

Seniors’ Week June 5-11

Monday, June 5th join us starting at 11:00am where Mayor Ken Johnston will be reading an official City of Red Deer proclamation to kick off the week. Wear your Hawaiian outfits because that’s the theme for the day. We’ll be eating Kahuna Burgers with Potato Wedges, Salad & Dessert and enjoying a special performance by our very own Ukelele Club – the Golden Ukes. Lunch is $10.00
Tuesday, June 6th is ParticipAction Day where at 10:00am the Golden Circle’s Fitness Instructor Tammy will be facilitating a drop in, low intensity fitness class along with outdoor games. Come see Rosco the clown & more! Lunch is $10.00 and we’ll be having Soup & Sandwiches and since we did all of that exercise earlier, we’ll follow lunch up with an Ice Cream Bar.
Wednesday, June 7th is – Western Day. Dust off your boots and mosey on down to the Golden Circle for $10.00 lunch of BBQ Chicken lunch with Baked Beans, Coleslaw & Dessert starting at 11:30am. You’ll want to do some stretching after, because rumour has it there may be line dancing afterward!
Thursday, June 8th is Vintage Day! Make your way down to the Golden Circle for 11:00am and take a step back to the past, or should we say, take a drive? There will be vintage cars in the back parking lot along with their drivers who are excited to share their stories with you. Lunch is $10.00 Taco in a Bag with dessert and it starts at 11:30am.
Friday, June 9th is our Wrap up Breakfast and Senior’s Information Fair. Join us any time between 8:30am to 1:00pm for a $10.00 breakfast and Seniors Information fair. We’ll have a variety of vendors and organizations who provide services for seniors here in the building.
Did we mention that there will be raffles and door prizes? You really do not want to miss out on this incredible week of Celebrating Seniors!
The Coffee Shack will be open every day that week from 9:00am to 11:30am as well so drop in, meet your friends or make some new friends! Coffee Shack is by donation.

Golden Circle Membership

While membership is optional and never a requirement to participate in our programs and activities, there are a ton of benefits to becoming a member. From supporting the important work our non-profit does in Red Deer and surrounding area, to getting our information-packed weekly newsletter, members receive discounted rates on in-house dining, event tickets and fitness programs as well! Golden Circle membership certainly has its benefits and is only $25.00/year for an individual, or $45.00/year for a couple. Call us at 403-343-6074, visit our website or stop by 4620 47A Avenue in Red Deer to find out more.

Thank you, from all of us at The Golden Circle, to all of you seniors in our community. You are our walking history, our knowledge keepers and we appreciate you so much. Everything we do is for you, and it is an absolute privilege to be able to serve and to celebrate you!

June is Thyroid Disease Awareness Month

Thyroid health affects all aspects of wellbeing, both genders, all ages. It is estimated that 200 million people in the world have some form of thyroid disease. In Canada there is a staggering number of people affected. Recent studies indicate that 1 in 10 Canadians suffer from a thyroid condition of one type or another! Of those, as many as 50% are undiagnosed! The thyroid plays a key role maintaining healthy weight, energy, and mood. If you are experiencing weight gain (or loss), hair loss, abnormal menstrual cycles or changes in energy and mood, consider having your thyroid evaluated.

Be Safe in the Sun

Make the most out of the outdoors while you relax in the sun, free of buzzing and biting bugs (& the diseases they carry), and concerns of regrettable-scorched skin. Research revealed an incredible 84% of sunscreen products are harmful to consumers. Choose biodegradable sunscreens with natural minerals like zinc and avoid synthetic chemicals that can cause health concerns. Too much sun? Aloe vera & lavender can soothe & accelerate healing. Studies found that lemon eucalyptus essential oil, used in natural outdoor sprays, can be more effective at warding off mosquitoes than DEET. Prepared, you can have the best summer ever!

Book Club: The Five Second Rule

In The 5 Second Rule: Transform Your Life, Work, and Confidence with Everyday Courage, Mel Robbins talks about an important tool that can help readers learn to push themselves, instead of relying on teachers, friends, parents, coaches, and mentors for motivation. Find out what makes a “push moment” and how it will enrich your life and move you forward on the path to success. This powerful tool takes just five seconds and once it becomes a habit, is a simple but effective solution when it comes to our tendency to hold ourselves back and keep ourselves from happiness.

Vegan Blueberry Banana Ice Cream

2 ripe frozen bananas
2 cups frozen blueberries
¼ cup coconut milk, plus extra as needed
Maple syrup
Lemon juice
Add frozen bananas, frozen berries, and coconut milk into a food processor and pulse until starting to break up. Scrape down the sides of the bowl and then blend on high until a smooth, creamy ice cream forms. You can add more coconut milk to help it process better. Add a teaspoon of maple syrup and a squeeze of lemon for flavor brightener. Scoop into bowls and serve immediately. Enjoy!

Hailey’s Horoscope

Full moon in May brings POLARITY, and could be an emotional time. You might be questioning yourself- do I transform or do I stay where I am and form a concrete path? You might also notice that you are struggling between sharing yourself, your posessions, your ideas. This is all due to the polarity of where the moon is positioned this month. If you notice this struggle between emotional opposites, try to go inward and make a pact with your emotions…let it all out, express yourself, notice the polarity battles inside of you and release it all with this full moon.

May is Celiac Awareness Month

During this month, help us spread awareness for Celiac disease. Celiac disease is a chronic digestive and immune disorder that damages the small intestine. The disease is triggered by eating foods containing gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. Over time, this reaction damages your small intestine’s lining and prevents it from absorbing nutrients. The intestinal damage often causes diarrhea, fatigue, weight loss, bloating and anemia, and can lead to serious complications. Your doctor will explain the gluten-free diet and may refer to you a registered dietitian who specializes in treating people who have celiac disease.