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A Soulful Mexican Yoga Retreat. Experience a transformative retreat at Copal House Retreat’s ocean-front villa in the Riviera Maya, featuring panoramic Caribbean views from our rooftop studio. Deepen your yoga practice amidst stunning cenotes and ocean breezes. Included: health and wellness-focused welcoming ceremony, accommodations, meals for any dietary restrictions, 2 daily yoga/meditation sessions, one-hour therapeutic massage, bikes, paddleboards, snorkeling gear, travel assistance, and several excursions. To Enter -> Explore Copal Retreat ->

July Events for Seniors at RDPL

Summer Reading Club for Adults! Complete this year’s BINGO Reading Challenge for a chance to win great prizes! Details at
Summer Book Bundles for Adults
Downtown Walk & Talk (every Tuesday at 12:15 p.m.)
Collicutt Walk & Talk (every Thursday at 9:30 a.m.)
First Thursday Concert Series (first Thursday of each month)
Happy Ever After Book Club (last Monday of each month)
Red Deer Cancer Connect (July 2 and 16) Lit Line: Call 403-342-9100 to test yourself on Canadian Trivia every day in July! For full details, visit

Book of the Month:

Quick Functional Exercises for Seniors: 50 Exercises to Optimize Your Health by Cody Sipe. Contains more than fifty exercises for seniors, with beautiful full-color step-by-step images to illustrate each. An award-winning expert on functional exercises, Dr. Cody Sipe offers exercises to improve balance and mobility, strength and power, posture, core stability, and much more. Available to borrow from Red Deer Public Library at

Heat Exhaustion vs. Heat Stroke

Heat stroke and heat exhaustion are two distinct heat-related conditions with varying degrees of severity. Heat exhaustion is typically the precursor to heat stroke and occurs when the body becomes overwhelmed by excessive heat. Symptoms include heavy sweating, weakness, dizziness, and nausea. Prompt action, such as moving to a cooler environment, resting, and hydrating, can prevent progression to heat stroke. Heat stroke, on the other hand, is a medical emergency and requires immediate attention. It involves a dangerous elevation in body temperature, accompanied by a cessation of sweating, confusion, rapid heartbeat, and even loss of consciousness. Heat stroke demands urgent medical intervention to prevent life-threatening complications.

Hearing Aids & Summer

As temperatures rise, it’s important to understand how to take care of your hearing aids. Beware of Heat! Avoid putting your hearing aids in places that attract heat quickly – like the glove compartment or console in your car. Stay Away from Moisture! Remember to take your hearing aids out before swimming or if you’re caught in the rain. Keep ‘em Clean! Warm, humid weather creates a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. You can use a soft, damp cloth to wipe away dirt and debris from your hearing aids. Follow these simple tips and get outside to enjoy the warm weather.

Local Spotlight: Downtown Wigs

For over a decade, we’ve been dedicated to supplying premium wigs and hair accessories to customers throughout Alberta. Our focus is on delivering discreet, personalized, and knowledgeable service. Our diverse range of wig products caters to every age, taste, and lifestyle. We offer discreet consultations at our new locations and can arrange off-site after-hours appointments for convenience. We are committed to providing high-quality wigs from top brands like Jon Renau, Estetica, Revlon, Amore, and Envy, among others. Our showroom features a large inventory, including hundreds of styles and colors for women, men, and children.

Looking for a Sleep Solution?

Trouble sleeping because of anxiety? Pain? High stress? Trimag Supreme™ Night by designs for health® is a delicious sleep formula that can be enjoyed hot or cold, an hour to half an hour before bed for a deep, restorative sleep. The ingredients in this Lavender Lemonade blend are sure to help you catch some Z’s: 3 types of magnesium to promote a restful state; tart cherry to support melatonin production; and California poppy to slow down your central nervous system. This all-natural formula is sweetened with stevia to curb blood glucose spiked that might keep you up in the night.

Connections Matter on Father’s Day

Father’s Day offers a poignant reminder of the vital role mental health plays in the lives of our aging parents. For seniors residing in independent living homes, the benefits extend beyond physical care. These communities foster crucial social interactions that can stave off the loneliness and depression often faced by those living alone. Friendships formed in these environments provide emotional support, joy, and a sense of belonging. Celebrating Father’s Day in such a setting underscores the importance of a strong support network. By prioritizing companionship and mental well-being, we honor our fathers not just with gifts, but with the invaluable gift of connection.

June Events for Seniors at RDPL

Participaction Community Challenge (June 1-30 – info at
Downtown Walk & Talk (Tuesdays at 12:15 p.m.)
Collicutt Walk & Talk (Thursday mornings)
First Thursday Concert Series (first Thursday of each month)
Travel Memories (first Wednesday of each month)
Bring, Brag, Break with the Alberta Genealogical Society (second Saturday of each month)
Book Clubs (various dates/times)
Red Deer Cancer Connect (June 4 & 18)
Readers’ Theatre (June 20)
Sip n’ Stitch (June 20)
Crib, Cards, Coffee and Conversation (June 16)
For full details, visit

Insect Repellent – Your Natural Shield

Eucalyptus Lemon Repellent by Druide® is approved by Health Canada and the EPA, stands as the premier plant-based solution against biting insects. Safeguard yourself from mosquitoes, black flies, and ticks sans synthetic toxins like DEET. This formula is gentle on skin and eco-conscious, provides six hours of protection without irritation. Its biodegradable nature ensures environmental safety. With no DEET, phthalates, sulfates, or synthetic fragrances, our commitment extends to animal welfare, as our product is cruelty-free. Choose Eucalyptus Lemon Repellent by Druide®, an eco-responsible choice that respects your skin and the planet.

Wigging It Right

Choosing the right length, colour, and style of wig can be a daunting task. Feeling comfortable, confident and natural in a wig is important. The more brands and styles you can choose from, the more natural your wig will look. To create a natural look, wigs are available in synthetic & human hair as well as a variety of colours including highlighted & rooted. Ensuring that your wig fits properly is paramount and helps alleviate skin issues that can be caused by an ill-fitting wig. In addition to fit, understanding a wig’s construction, proper trimming, thinning and shaping of your new wig is very important to make you comfortable and feeling as much like yourself as possible. Hair loss/ removal during chemotherapy can be emotional and uncomfortable, but with the right advice and products, you can regain some confidence and feel better at this time.