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New Year, New Opportunities

With all of the gatherings, parties, and festivities happening over the holidays, being single can feel frustrating when you’re surrounded by happy couples. But with a new year comes new opportunities to make a connection. Everyone is looking to start fresh with the coming of the new year, whether it be getting their health back on track, making a change in their career, or finding someone special to share their time with. Be open and optimistic when it comes to love in the new year, and consider working with a professional matchmaker to get the results you want.

Tight-Sculpting at Your Doctors Office

Another simple walk in and out laser therapy, risk, pain and side-effect free, is a unique dual-wavelength, non-invasive laser treatment for sculpting and skin tightening on all body areas. The exclusive delivery modes are used in concert for hyperthermic adipocyte destruction and collagen remodeling with exceptional results. The most amazing fact here is that these results are scientifically impossible to attain with just exercise and diet, given that if successful you can only hope to shrink the fat cells. However, this laser therapy offers a method where permanent fat cell destruction is possible, not only helping you to lose fat, but also to keep it off.

Seniors and Stress

Chronic stress is harmful to people of all ages, but its impact on older adults can be particularly severe, increasing the risk of age-related diseases, hastening cognitive decline and even triggering falls. Stressors that are common amongst the elderly include: loss of control, personal loss, declining health, financial worries, personal safety and loss of independence. To reduce stress, get regular exercise, eat balanced meals to ensure the mind and body are properly fueled and ask for help. Talking with a trusted family member, friend or healthcare professional, at the very least, releases pent-up stress and may even lead to a solution.

Daily Disposable Contact Lenses – Part Two

Daily disposables are a great option for teenagers. With all that’s going on from school to sports to social lives, teenagers are apt to forget or ignore cleaning and changing contacts. Daily disposables make cleaning unnecessary and changing lenses an easy daily routine. While most people who choose to wear contact lenses hate wearing their glasses, it is important that you ensure you have a back-up pair of glasses. If you have an eye infection or intense allergies that make your eyes red and itchy, you may need to go without your lenses for a day. So please make sure you like your back-up glasses.

Plantar Fasciitis

When tiny tears occur in the thick, fibrous band of tissue reaching from your heel to your toes (called “fascia”), inflammation and pain are the result. This is plantar fasciitis and left untreated, can produce heel spurs. A number of things can contribute to plantar fasciitis. While men can get plantar fasciitis, it’s more common in women. Plantar fasciitis is more common in runners, people who are overweight and those who wear shoes with inadequate support VoxxLife socks and insoles are proven to reduce pain and improve circulation, thereby encouraging healing.

Fight Colds & Flu

Your immune system needs a strong thymus and spleen to produce antibodies and specialized white blood cells that help prevent disease. Do you know how yours are functioning? Nutritional testing or Biofeedback are great ways to find out if there is a weakness or imbalance in these immune organs. If a weakness or imbalance is identified, specific nutrient formulations designed to naturally support and strengthen the thymus, spleen and immune system can be taken. This will help you to better fight against influenza, rhinovirus (common cold), pneumonia, and other bacterial infections – or avoid them altogether.

Abs of Steel or Jelly Belly?

Your pelvis is a ring of bones held together by ligaments and muscles. These muscles engage every time you walk, sit, stand, run, or even breathe! Weak stabilizing muscles cause your pelvis to move too much and surrounding muscles contract to control the excess movement, leading to chronic muscle tightness. By strengthening the core, our bodies are able to withstand these forces without muscle spasms. Some of the best exercises for core involve maintaining a neutral spine position and resisting forces. Your physiotherapist can give you specific exercises to improve your strength, while relaxing other muscles through manual therapy techniques.

5 Common Winter Health Problems

Cold winter weather can cause some common seasonal health problems. A familiar one is catching a virus. Spending more time indoors with centralized heating causes viruses to spread easily. Keep your immune system happy! Heart attacks are another issue, often linked to strenuous activity like shoveling, so take extra precautions. Freezing temperatures can cause asthma attacks – cover your nose and mouth when outdoors. Winter weather can also lead to more sitting around and result in weight gain, so be sure to keep active. Finally, depression can take hold in the winter – try to get enough sleep and sunlight each day.

Why Should I See a Chiropractor?

Although chiropractic care is most often thought to help with back pain, it can also be beneficial as an adjunct therapy for a variety of symptoms including, but not limited to, digestive issues, perinatal care and pediatrics. Chiropractic improves biomechanics of the spine and joints resulting in enhanced nervous system function and ultimately, overall health. Regular chiropractic treatments can help to strengthen and fortify the body from any potential future threats that may intend to cause harm later down the line. Chiropractic can even work to heal damage done by past injuries and illnesses, making it a truly worthwhile, not to mention safe and affordable, investment to your health.

Freedom at Any Age

These days the mobility market is full of possibilities. Rather than being confined to the inside of your home or relying on friends and family to take you out, consider the freedom of a mobility scooter. Battery powered scooters have come a long way and are now more affordable than ever. They provide the freedom to get around, they conserve physical energy, and they also provide you access to places you may not have previously been able to go. Along with the freedom, mobility scooters offer an element of safety.