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Changing a Habit

When we free ourselves of an addiction or habit that we no longer need or desire, it requires a clear vision alongside a plan and a boat load of self-compassion & patience. As we break free from what holds us hostage, we discover an uncomfortable in-between place where we must dwell and move through without giving into the urge. Most habits are not conscious and are built on behaviours that helped us avoid or numb feelings, making stopping uncomfortable for a period of time as they emerge. Our bodies, heart and mind needs time to adjust to a new way of being as we create healthier behaviours to put into its place to thrive.

Keep Living Your Best Life

A good retirement residence is not just a convenient place to live, it’s an environment in which you can pursue your passions, thrive and continue living with purpose. It may be daunting to think about moving into a retirement home, but have you considered how your life might improve by making this change? Meet a new network of friends, build new relationships, and take part in activities you once enjoyed, or commit to learning something new! Leave the worrying behind when it comes to home maintenance, meal preparation and your own safety – and have us do it for you!

Donate Today

Donations are graciously accepted in support of the non-profit operations of Seniors Come Share Society. Ways to donate:
Mail: 15008 26 Ave. Surrey, B.C. V4P 3H5
By phone: 604-531-2502 ext. 209

Volunteers Needed

We are recruiting volunteers for various positions in Surrey/ White Rock. Volunteers are the heart of our foundation and without them we would not be able to provide the services we do for our seniors. Even an hour a day goes a long way for many. If you are interested in applying or would like more information please email or call 604-531-9400 ext.203

Alcohol Free Elixirs

Ancient wisdom describes an elixir as a magical or medicinal potion designed to cure. Solbrü is soulfully infused a blend of balancing herbs and adaptogenic mushrooms, to raise vibes and ground souls. Their Brü replaces alcoholic spirits in a sophisticated way, with its own unique flavours and novel functionality, delivering a bold authentic bite without the hangover. Drink it as a shot, sip it on the rocks; or enjoy it in an AF (alcohol-free) cocktail. Pour over a glass of nut or oat milk or mix it with orange or grapefruit juice for an extra Vitamin C punch.

October Events

Oct. 1, 8, 15, 22, 29: 10:30-11:30 am – Fit 55+ Online fitness classes
Oct. 5, 27: – Free Legal Clinic- (various times available)
Oct. 7, 21: 1:30-3:00pm – Caregiver Support Group
Oct. 13, 27: 1:00-3:00pm – Zoom Bingo
Oct. 20: 1:00pm – Coping with past trauma and dementia presented by Kyra Tyrell
Oct. 26: 1:00-3:00pm – Painting Party
Oct. 28: 1:00-3:00pm Zoom Trivia
For more information or to register please contact Simren at 604-531-9400 ext. 201

Caring for the Caregiver

Seniors Come Share Society is fortunate enough to be able to offer free services to support Caregivers in the communities of Surrey and White Rock. The following is a list of just some of the notable free services being offered through the Caring for the Caregiver Program: One-on-one professional emotional support. Help navigating the health care system. Accessing support groups. Referrals to other community resources. Respite services. At this point in time the Caring for the Caregiver program is assisting numerous Caregivers with free services within the communities listed above. Aiding many Caregivers through the process of aging in place and assisting through the process and steps of the health care system. If you or someone you know is caring for a loved one at home and needs extra support, contact Nisa Moman at 604‐531-9400 Ext. 219 or email

Better At Home Services

Better at Home supports seniors by meeting their non-medical needs. By providing assistance with these simple, day-to-day tasks, Better at Home assures seniors continue to live independently in their own homes and remain connected to their communities. Services vary from community to community but may include the following: Friendly Visiting. Transportation. Light Housekeeping. Grocery Shopping. To find out more about the services, please contact Simren at 604-536-9348.

Vaccine Passports

As vaccine passports become mandatory to have in non-essential places, Seniors Come Share Society is helping seniors print vaccine passports. At no cost, we will print and have your passport laminated for long term use. Miss placed your vaccine passport? No problem, we got your back. Contact Simren to book an appointment at 604-531-9400 ext. 201.

Join Today

Seniors Come Share Society allows individuals to stay engaged in the community even if it’s from the comfort of their own home. We offer programs that stimulate individual’s cognition, provide emotional support, food security and have them engaged in physical activities. Our priority is the well-being of the seniors in our community, therefore we take initiative in advocating for them and assisting them in navigating support. Visit or for a list of our programs and events.