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Clean Eating Recipe

No-Bake Peach & Almond Crisp. Ingredients: 6 ripe peaches pitted and sliced. 1 tbsp butter. 2 tbsp honey. ½ tsp ground nutmeg. ¼ cup chopped almonds. 1 ½ cups granola. 1 cup fat-free vanilla yogurt. Directions: Heat skillet on stove-top over medium-high heat. Add butter and when melted, add the peaches in a single layer and cook 4-5 min. until beginning to soften and brown in spots. Flip the peaches and cook another 4-5 min. or until softened. Turn off heat; drizzle peaches with honey and sprinkle with nutmeg and almonds. Stir to combine and coat the peaches. Remove from heat, sprinkle with granola and top with yogurt. Enjoy!

Early Signs of Dementia

Some forgetfulness is a normal part of growing older, but it’s important to be aware of changes in your loved one’s memory and signs of a more serious memory loss condition. If your loved one has a degenerative condition like Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, an early diagnosis can give you and your loved one time to develop a long-term care plan that honors their care wishes. Sudden changes to your loved one’s personality are often another sign that something’s not right. These changes can include anxiety, paranoia, depression, and socially inappropriate behaviors, as well as sudden mood swings and physical aggression.

Caregiver & Family Support

Feeling burnt out? Need a break? We are here to help. Caring for loved ones can be exhausting and we want caregivers to take a break and recharge which is why we offer services such as respite care to relief the caregivers from the hard work they do. In addition to respite care, we provide 1-on-1 support, education sessions, and group supports. For additional information, please contact Ric at 604-531-9400 ext. 202.

July Virtual Events

July 2: Exercise Club from 11am-12pm
July 6: Free Legal Clinic
July 8: Photography Club from 11am-12pm
July 9: Exercise Club from 11am-12pm
July 15: Photography Club from 11am-12pm
July 22: At Your Service: Introduction to local non-profits from 1pm-2:30pm
July 22: Photography Club from 11am-12pm
July 28: Free Legal Clinic
July 29: Zumba from 1pm-2:30pm
July 29: Photography Club from 11am-12pm
For more information or to register please contact Simren at 604-531-9400 ext. 201
*Please note: Due to Covid, events are currently being offered virtually*

Seniors Center Without Walls

If you are someone who is experiencing difficulties getting out of their home for activities or would like to stay socially connected with other people, look no further. SCWW is a free interactive telephone based program that connects seniors 55+ in a variety of recreational activities, health and wellness talks and friendly conversations. With activities like Mindfulness Meditation to Brain Teasers, SCWW focuses to improve cognition and keep the brain healthy. To receive a program schedule, please contact Edwin Chau at 604-531-9400 ext. 205.

Wellness Trivia Answers

.1 Pistachios 2. Your jaw 3. To raise the body’s temperature 4. True 5. Oatmeal, eggs, chicken, and peanuts. 6. It means “Take” – from the Latin word “Recipe” 7. 200

Join Today

Seniors Come Share Society allows individuals to stay engaged in the community even if it’s from the comfort of their own home. We offer programs that stimulate individual’s cognition, provide emotional support, food security and have them engaged in physical activities. Our priority is the well-being of the seniors in our community, therefore we take initiative in advocating for them and assisting them in navigating support. Visit or for a list of our programs and events.

Meal Program

Due to the pandemic, we redesigned our Meal Program and now offer online workshops and programs that encourage healthy eating, improving food security and food accessibility, as well as fostering connections among older adults. Seniors and their family members can join us from the comfort of their home via zoom for live concerts, nutrition programs, virtual cooking classes, and gardening workshops provided in collaboration with A Rocha Canada. All participants in our virtual cooking programs receive a free meal kit with an easy to follow recipe card and fresh ingredients delivered bi-weekly to their door by our volunteers. We also deliver nutritious frozen meals to those in need. Our Frozen Meal Delivery Program, in partnership with Kent Street Activity Centre in White Rock, has been enthusiastically received by seniors who are unable or prefer not to shop and cook for themselves. Meal deliveries would not be possible without our dedicated and hardworking volunteers who give countless kilometers and hours of their time to make sure seniors receive nutritious food. We could not do it without them! To inquire or to order please call Denisa at 604-531-9400 ext. 207.

Donate Today

A small donation can make a huge difference in the lives of our seniors. We encourage you to donate so we can continue providing services for the seniors most in need at this time. Ways to donate: Online: Mail: 15008 26 Ave. Surrey, B.C. V4P 3H5 By phone: 604-531-2502 ext. 209