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Clean Eating: Naked Energy Bites

These chocolatey treats contain no refined sugars, and are loaded with protein and fibre for a quick snack that really packs a punch!


2/3 cup date puree
1/3 cup water
1 3/4 cup Rolled Naked Oats
1/3 cup peanut butter
3 tbsp coconut oil
1/2 cup shredded coconut
1/2 cup almonds
1/4 cup hemp hearts
2 tbsp chia seeds
3 tbsp cocoa
3 tbsp each oats, coconut, and hemp hearts


Combine in mixing bowl.
Roll dough into balls, and roll in extra coconut, hemp and/or oats to cover the outside and make them look oh-so-pretty.
Keep in fridge for 20 minutes to harden…or just eat them on the spot.

Book Club: Furiously Happy   

A Funny Book About Horrible Things

Jenny Lawson, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, explores her lifelong battle with mental illness. A hysterical, ridiculous book about crippling depression and anxiety? That sounds like a terrible idea. But terrible ideas are what Jenny does best. Furiously happy is a book about embracing everything that makes us who we are – the beautiful and the flawed – and then using it to find joy in fantastic and outrageous ways. Maybe crazy isn’t so bad after all!

Jenny Lawson,

Clean Eating: Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Cauliflower is a great low-carb substitute for crusts, breads, and more! Here’s the cauliflower pizza crust recipe everyone is buzzing about!


1 head cauliflower

½ cup shredded mozzarella

1/4 cup grated parmesan

½ tsp dried oregano

½ tsp kosher salt

¼ tsp garlic powder

2 eggs lightly beaten

Directions: Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Break cauliflower into florets and pulse in food processor until fine. Steam cauliflower and drain well. In a bowl, combine with all ingredients. Transfer to baking sheet and bake for 20 minutes. Add your favorite pizza toppings and bake for an additional 10 minutes. Enjoy!

Family Endorsement 

Care At Home Pharmacy is the epitome of what is needed today to help seniors remain in the comfort of their home and have quality care come to them. My parents have greatly benefited from “visiting pharmacist” Yolanda Yeung’s involvement. She initially developed a medical profile for each of them and made recommendations to their doctor regarding medication changes. She pays weekly visits to my parents’ home to monitor their progress and well-being and readily provides their prescriptions and any other pharmaceutical needs as recommended by their doctor. I am my parents’ primary caregiver but do not live in the city so Yolanda and I communicate by email. She also regularly communicates and collaborates with the doctor and nursing service involved with my parents’ care. It just doesn’t get any better than that in my view!

Daughter – Lorna,

10-Point Risk Assessment 

When do you know it’s time to get a medical alert system in your home? Take this short assessment to find out! If you answer “yes” to most of these, maybe it’s time to consider one!  Are you over the age of 55? Do you live alone? Do you lead an active lifestyle? Do you use a cane, walker or devices to assist you in walking? In the past year, have you fallen or been at risk of falling inside or outside the home? Do you take daily medication? Have you been hospitalized in the past 3 years? Do you sometimes feel weak or dizzy? In the past 12 months, have you been concerned about falling in the home? Is it important for you to continue living independently? With a medical alert unit, you can have peace of mind knowing that at any time, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, help is available at the push of a button.

Medication Reviews

Most people are aware that prescription medications can interact with each other, sometimes causing adverse side effects. However, over the counter products such as vitamins or herbal products can also interact with prescription medications – these interactions can potentially change the effectiveness of the drug and lead to harm, such as a fall. This in turn can lead to an emergency room visit or hospital stay. If you are on prescription drugs, it is important to have a discussion with your doctor or pharmacist before taking any over the counter products to ensure you are taking the right products at the right times. A pharmacist can also conduct a full medication review with all your prescription and over the counter products and advise you on safe medication use. If you are on a complex medication regime, a visiting pharmacist can help you monitor the effects of your medication in the comfort of your home.

Care At Home Pharmacy,

Your Attitude Can Change Your Life

How we look and take in the world impacts every aspect of our lives. Our attitude is the foundation from which life springs off of. We can’t always control what comes our way, but we do have control over how we choose to take it in and use it. There is no secret recipe for happiness and contentment. Those who choose to move through life joyously have not been blessed wth more abundance, love, success or prosperity than another, instead they take the circumstances they’ve been handed and make it into something worthwhile and life giving. Our delight and despair comes from within. A subtle shift in attitude, can uncover so many hidden gifts that can change our lives. By choosing to love life no matter what crosses your path…you create an energy that allows every aspect of ourselves to grow and thrive!

D’Arcy Bruning-Haid, Masters in Counselling Psychology,

Pet Separation Anxiety 

Separation anxiety is a common and difficult situation that many households are faced with. It can be dangerous to animals as well as other family members. Though separation anxiety is a deep-rooted psychological disorder, there are a few simple steps that can be taken to ease the symptoms in animals. The first is to be absolutely sure that the issue is separation anxiety. It can often be confused with boredom, malnutrition or chronic pain. Once certain, here are a few tips to minimize symptoms: 1) Use a lavender oil diffuser- lavender is known to soothe nerves. DO NOT ever put oil directly on an animal as some oils are toxic.  2) Play classical music on low volume while your animal is alone. 3) Crate training- place the animal in a crate while alone to minimize destructive behaviour to him/herself and the house. Mental health is important for every member of the family!

Jill Saifer,

Ear Acupuncture

Ear acupuncture is one of many forms of acupuncture, using the external ear like a representation of the body. The practitioner use pellets, seeds, magnets, electric impulses or needles. The ear is basically composed of cartilage and connective tissue with a minimal amount of the adipose tissue, but is supply we numerous nerves near this skin surface. For Traditional Chinese Medicine the Yangs meridians (Small Intestine, Stomach, Bladder, Gall Bladder and Large Intestine) have a direct contact with the auricle. And some other Yin meridians have contact with their secondary branches. The relationship between the ear, internal organs and the meridians was first report more than 2000 years ago in the book Huangdi Nei Jing (Chinese Canon of Medicine). The ear was described as a central location where numerous meridians meet. Hipocrates (IV BC) described the relations between fertility and some treatments in the external ear. Galeno (II Century) mentioned the use of bleeding and some manipulations of the ear to help patients with sexual problems. Dr. Paul Nogier, a french neurologist, observed the relation within chronic sciatica and ears scars. Patients improved from this chronic pain making pressure in specific points in the ears. In the 1950’s Dr Nogier mapped these points and the corresponding somatic representation in the body by developing and inverted fetus map of the external ear, similar to the somatosensory homunculus of the brain. In 1980 the UCLA University made a study about the use of the external ear and diagnosis. (Olesson and Kroegning).Between 1987 and 1990 the WHO organized meetings and defined the charts of different points between the Chinese and French Schools. In some situations the ear can change, presenting discolorations or tenderness with an internal damage or change of an organ. This explain why sometimes the ear could help in the diagnosis, giving important information about the patient’s condition. Ear Acupuncture help acute and chronic conditions: migraines, asthma, allergies, obesity, high blood pressure, back pain, etc. And not only physical illness, there is some studies that had showed the benefits of this treatments in anxiety, addictions, depression, and other emotional and mental imbalances. It is simply to apply, with minimal side effects, and often achieved good results. It can be an economic alternative form of patient care with broad applications.

Dr. Eduardo Barreto, Nature Doctors

What is TMD? 

Do you have jaw pain or chronic headaches? Do you clench or grind your teeth? These problems can be related to Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD). These symptoms can range from mild discomfort to severe pain with jaw restriction and locking. Making an accurate diagnosis of your TMD is essential so an effective treatment regime can be implemented. Physiotherapists can assess the muscles impacting on your jaw, your neck and your posture. A dentist should be involved to assess your bite and any unusual or excessive wearing of your teeth. A physiotherapy approach will be different for each patient depending on the source of their symptoms. Some treatments that are used are myofacial release, massage, acupuncture, joint mobilization and dry needling. The focus is to relieve pain, reduce swelling and muscle spasm, increase posture strength and restore jaw movement and alignment. Treatment is also directed towards associated neck pain, headaches and a good strengthening program for long term self-management.

Gina Imbrogno,

Garcinia Cambogia Fruit

An incredibly efficient fat burning ingredient, Garcinia Cambogia has received much media attention for it’s effect on weight loss and food consumption control. This pure ingredient is 100% natural; it is sometimes referred to as Tamarind, and it grows primarily in the lush green mountains of India, southeast Asia as well as in Central Africa. Its primary ingredient is the dietary super supplement known as HCA, which is proven in scientific studies to stop hunger in its tracks. The tamarind fruit has traditionally been used in soups as appetizers before meals, because of the smaller portion sizes due to limited amount of food. It’s appetite suppression qualities helped make villagers feel more full (satiety) and the fruit would increase the workers’ fat burning skills (thermogenesis) providing an increase in energy and productivity.

Greg and Bridget Doll,