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Natural Product Review 

MyoNatural offers a revolutionary pain cream that guarantees pain relief or your money back. Now you can live an active, pain free lifestyle without the worry of product side effects. MyoNatural was developed by health care professionals for sports injuries, workout enhancement, joint pain, sore muscles, arthritis, back pain relief and more. It is recommended by doctors, health care professionals and world class athletes, including Tom Brady. MyoNatural is the world’s only toxin-free, all-natural anti-inflammatory cream that actually heals damaged tissue and cells for not only immediate pain relief but long-lasting recovery. Using a patented delivery system, MyoNatural pain cream delivers natural anti-inflammatory compounds directly to damaged tissue where they reinforce and strengthen cells. These cells are now better able to resist rupturing which leads to pain and inflammation. Because our pain cream only uses all-natural, non-toxic ingredients there are absolutely no side effects. Only fast and long-lasting pain relief.

A1 Nutrition 

MRI’s and Low Back Pain

Your back pain may not be due to reasons explained by an MRI, which may well point you towards unnecessary surgical procedures. Current studies show most individuals will have MRI findings of disc degeneration, height loss, or bulging disc. More than 50% of asymptomatic individuals 30-39 years of age and 90% of individuals 60 years of age or older have signs of disc degeneration, height loss, or bulging discs. What does this mean for you? It is possible your MRI findings are the reason for your pain but a lot of the time it isn’t. Low back pain isn’t always because of these “abnormalities” and will not effect the treatment you are receiving at physiotherapy. Physiotherapists are trained to help you with your low back pain using manual therapy and providing you with an exercise program to manage your low back pain. So before you consider surgery, try physiotherapy first.

Lindsay Stevenson

The Power of Grief

Working with people’s grief at a time of deep loss and hurt in their lives is an incredible honour. Grief gets held and stored in our bodies and can be all consuming and overwhelming. People are often reluctant and scared to fully feel their pain in fear that they will never get out of it. When grief becomes stuck in our bodies it can play havoc with our energy levels, sleep, anxiety and our physical and emotional wellbeing. When not worked through it can lead to depression and disease. I recommend and support people to grieve deeply for 20-30 minutes daily when they are going through a rough time or loss in their lives to release the heaviness inside and lighten their load. It’s like a deep rain shower that cleanses that which is no longer needed. Body psychotherapy is helpful when you are not ready to do it alone.

D’Arcy Bruning-Haid

Clean Eating: Pumpkin Chia Bars


2 ¼ cup rolled oats
½ cup honey
1 cup pumpkin puree
1 tsp vanilla extract
¼ cup chia seeds


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Line a 8×8 pan with parchment paper and set aside.
In a medium bowl, add pumpkin, honey and vanilla extract.
Mix until combined.
Fold oats and chia seeds into batter, mix until incorporated.
Press evenly into baking dish.
Bake for 20-30 minutes.
Let cool and cut into 8 bars and store in air tight container.

Prevent Sports Injuries

Now is the time of year where many athletes will start their fall/winter sport. This often involves changing from summer to winter sports. However, did you know most injuries occur in the first and last third of a season? This is often due to the change of muscle requirements being used for each sport or sometimes the movement patterns involved. Going from baseball to hockey requires a significant increase in the use of your hip flexors – the muscles that bring your knees to your chest. This is a common “early season” injury for hockey players. Doing proper warm ups, stretches and slowly progressing the volume of skating may help in preventing these types of injuries. Also check your overall hip mobility; if you can lift your leg 10 degrees off the floor while on your stomach and at least 70 degrees when on your back, that’s a good sign that you have sufficient movement about the hip.

Jason Moniz, South Sherbrook Therapy

This Autumn, Organize!

So, you’ve been putting off that job… you know, going through that junk drawer (or is it that junk closet, or junk room?). It can be tough to get started, but the results can be so very rewarding. A garage that could actually house your car; an organized office rather than a room that acts as a paper wasteland; the spare room full of stuff that could serve as a guest room once again. And how about the overflowing kitchen cupboards, the boxes in the basement? By organizing your space, you can fall in love with your home all over again. Autumn is the perfect time to tackle this job. However this isn’t always an easy task to accompany alone, and you may find it beneficial to reach out to a professional organizer, or team of organizers to help to get this job done.

Yoga Increases Ability 

The word yoga means union. The physical practice of yoga (asana) unites the systems of the body to create balance, strength, flexibility, stress reduction and mental clarity. Many people think that flexibility is required to participate in yoga; this is not the case. Anyone can practice yoga. With the correct modifications and the use of props to aide with the poses, even the least flexible can begin to grow their yoga practice. The addition of yoga to any current physical activity (or lack thereof) can increase stamina, strength, endurance and prevent potential injuries from occurring. Yoga poses are also very beneficial when added to reconditioning programs or injury rehabilitation. A Physiotherapist can assess the injury and level of deconditioning and formulate the best program to maximize your ability.

When Animals Speak

“I love you.” “I’m hungry.” “Take me for a walk?” These are all phrases that you can relate to when it comes to what your animals communicate to you. But what about the phrases and feelings you can’t pick up on? Animals can be hard to read, especially when their behaviour suddenly changes for no apparent reason. Maybe your animal isn’t exhibiting clear signs or symptoms, but is acting differently because of illness or discomfort. Maybe your animal is behaving differently due to environmental changes such as a new home or new animals in the home and just needs some reassurance. Did you know that it’s possible to train yourself to communicate in depth with your animal? Though they may understand some of our native language, it is second nature to them. They do communicate in their own, primary language and you can learn what they’re saying. 

Oils for Colds and Flu

Have you considered using essential oils during cold and flu season? For many centuries, herbs and medical plants have been used to ward off viruses, the plague and general bacterial infections. Today through various distillation methods we are fortunate to now obtain essential oils. These highly potent substances are very complex in their molecular structure and can still aid us in combating colds and flues. Some of the most anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-septic essential oils are: Tea Tree, Lemon, Rosemary, Lavender and Oregano. Oregano by itself has gained popularity over the years as a cold and flu virus fighter and has been proven to kill over 30 different types of germs. When properly blended, different essential oils can help to ward off this year’s cold and flu season.

New Business Showcase

It is often very difficult and overwhelming to effectively manage multiple medications. This can lead to improper use of medications, which can result in extra doctor visits, emergency room visits and hospital stays. The high cost of prescription medication is a major concern for many patients; therefore we prepare a customized monthly budget for each of our clients. This, along with our visiting pharmacist service, will give you and your care-givers peace of mind. Our ultimate goal is to ensure all medications are taken as prescribed and that you have a full understanding of each medication including its interactions and side-effects. As well, we want to ensure that cost does not become a stress factor and/or road-block. Better Health & Wellness may be achieved through medication management; talk to our pharmacist to arrange a home visit.

Smartphones and Health

Smartphones are incredibly powerful devices. Increasingly we rely on them to run our life. One of the latest trends is toward mobile health or mhealth. Many applications have been designed to help you live healthier and manage your chronic illnesses. Here are some our favorites: Misfit wearables is a great low price entry to fitness trackers starting at $25. will get your health questions answered in a jiffy, and has an amazing platform for people dealing with diabetes. One of the biggest issues faced by patients today surrounds management of medications. 55% of Canadians above 45-65 are on at least one prescription medication. Using a smartphone to manage and track your meds has been proven to improve adherence, keeping patients healthy. If you are on multiple medications this may be the best and quickest thing you can do for your health today.