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Do You Have a Valentine?

Are you single on Valentine’s Day? Although it is only a day, it is representative of where your love life is at. Finding yourself single can be very isolating in today’s couples’ oriented society. People often start out with online dating and become increasingly frustrated and disappointed with the games and lack of accountability. As a professional matchmaker with over 25 years of experience, I have facilitated thousands of successful love connections that are still going strong many years later. As a matter of fact, I just received a call from a couple I matched 23 years ago. They called to thank me and let me know I enabled them to live a life of love.

Problem Gambling Among Seniors

Many seniors enjoy gambling, whether it be bingo, racetrack betting, or casino gambling. For most, it is a harmless form of entertainment. But how do you know when a senior loved one’s gambling has become a problem? Some signs might be 1) bragging about gambling and exaggerating wins while ignoring or minimizing losses, 2) borrowing money for gambling, and 3) lying about the amount of time/money they spend gambling. Talk to your senior loved one about their problem gambling and determine what possible causes may exist. Encourage them to get help and let them know they have your support.

Benefits of Resistance Training

Many people associate resistance training with strictly muscle growth, but there are many other benefits from incorporating this type of training into your exercise regimen. Resistance training builds strength and tone to help protect your joints from injury. It improves balance to help you remain independent and reduce the chance of falls. Resistance training helps with weight management, as your body will burn more calories when you gain more muscle mass. Talk to your doctor to see if you are healthy enough to begin resistance training. An exercise professional can then help you develop a safe and effective program.

Gramma’s Home Remedy

Did your gramma ever put honey on your skin when you got scrapes and bruises as a child? The saying is that putting honey on our wounds will help them heal faster and reduce the appearance of scars. The honey is antibacterial and will kill germs and bacteria on your face. Dermatologists agree that it will help scars fade, especially ones caused by acne. Some have found that honey in face masks has done beautiful things for their skin. Natural Ingredients that have partnered well with honey are lemon, aloe vera, coconut oil, and apple cider vinegar. (Not intended to replace consultation with a qualified medical professional) Maggie Makaruk DD, Anna’s Denture Clinic

Eat More Fibre!

Fibre has many health benefits. It normalizes bowel movements, helps maintain a healthy bowel, lowers cholesterol levels, helps control blood sugar levels, and aids in achieving a healthy weight. The best way to get fibre is from whole foods and whole-grain products including fruits, vegetables, beans/peas and other legumes, and nuts and seeds. You can also get fibre from supplements like Metamucil or foods with fibre added like granola bars, yogurt, and cereal. The daily recommendations for fibre intake are: 38 grams for men age 50 or younger, 30 grams for men age 51 or older, 25 grams for women age 50 or younger, and 21 grams for women age 51 or older.

Physio for Lower Back Pain

There are numerous reasons people experience lower back pain—a sedentary lifestyle, poor posture, lifting things improperly, and weak core muscles are just a few of the causes of pain in this area. After a professional evaluation, a customized physiotherapy program can be created to help reduce and, ideally, eliminate lower back pain. Your program will include a combination of manual therapy, mobility exercises, and strengthening exercises. While it can be tempting to avoid doing the exercises, they’re critical to healing the problem and ultimately ensuring the pain does not come back. By making changes at the causal level, you can heal lower back pain forever.

Structured Water

Science proves waters responsible for longevity. Dr. Marcel Vogel (Father of Structured Water Science) calls it ‘liquid crystal’ completely compatible with instant cell wall entry & exit. Natural Action Technologies Structuring Devices mimic nature, transforming any water energetically by double vortexing, creating a 6 molecule cluster, an easy uptake into each cell’s aquaporin channel. “Water inside your cells is absolutely critical for health”, Dr. Mercola. Suzanne Forcese.

Product Review: Thieves Household Cleaner

Thieves Household Cleaner is an all-in-one cleaning product that could replace most of your household cleaners. It’s a concentrate made from Therapeutic-grade Thieves and Lemon essential oils, which have the highest quality and purity components, and renewable vegetatable-based sources. For most all-purpose cleaning, dilute 30 parts of water to 1 part of Thieves Household Cleaner. Try it with a spray bottle and easily wipe off most surfaces in your home. It’s effective, non toxic, and made with 100% plant-and mineral-based ingredients. A fresh way to clean your home.

Janelle Silver Hague,

A Healthier You in 2019!

January 1st has come and gone, but we’ve still got eleven fresh months ahead – That’s over 300 days to set new goals for yourself and develop a plan for building a healthier lifestyle. You can create a more positive version of yourself at anytime. If you’ve been trying to quit a bad habit, but have trouble sticking to your Ney Year’s Resolutions, consider laser therapy. Laser therapy can help get rid of those unwanted cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Clinical studies have shown a noticeable change in patients who are trying to quit smoking and a higher success rate.

Words to Live By

“I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.”
– Thomas Jefferson

Laughter is the Best Medicine

My Doctor told me I should cut more carbs. So, I bought a new pizza knife. FUN FACT: Cutting carbs from your diet may help improve or even prevent serious health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease.